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NEW 2017 NEEL 51

Next April, at the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte in the South of France, we will have the chance to discover the all-new blue water cruising trimaran designed by the Neel yard. The boat with an extra-large nacelle offering an unrivalled interior volume and above all, cabins with an exceptional sea view! On the 51, we find a flybridge with a helm station from where all the sail-handling can be done, and a good-sized sunbathing area. All this on three hulls, guaranteeing a gentle passage through the water… unknown on cats or monos!
Builder: Neel Trimarans
Length: 15.60 m
Beam: 8.90 m
Unladen weight: 14 t
Draft: 1.50 m
Mainsail area: 97 m2
Jib area: 31 m2
Genoa area: 74.50 m2
Number of cabins: 4 doubles + 3 singles
Fresh water: 600 l
Diesel: 600 l
Motor: 75 hp
Price: € 750,000 ex-tax

Neel 51

NEW 2017 BALI 5.2

It’s almost become a tradition: since the creation of the Bali brand, every year, the yard has presented one or two new models. But his year, there’s going to be three. One of which, is the Bali 5.2, aboard which you’ll find everything that has made the current range a success. Forward, there is a cockpit and integral decked area offering an unrivalled living area for a catamaran, and inside, the immense “one-piece” saloon/cockpit area, closed off by the famous pivoting door. The Bali 5.2 is equipped with a flybridge with the helm station and an extra dining area.
Builder: Catana
Length: 15.99 m
Beam: 8.30 m
Unladen weight: 19.5 t
Draft: 1.45 m
Mainsail area: 88 m2
Solent area: 54 m2
Number of cabins: 4, 5 or 6 double cabins
Fresh water: 1200 l
Diesel: 1200 l
Motors: 2 x 55hp
Price: on request

Bali 5.2

NEW 2017 CATANA 53

The new Catana 53 continues along the same lines as the recent offerings from the yard, with her marked hull shape, inverted bows with a break-over angle and high freeboard. This 53 footer could be a judicious choice for a blue water program, especially for a demanding crew when it comes to performance. Thanks to significant use of carbon fiber, the yard has succeeded in keeping the weight down, without sacrificing volume. And of course there are the famous curved daggerboards which create lift effect which is far from negligible for improving performance.
Builder: Catana
Length: 16.18 m
Beam: 8.65 m
Unladen weight: 14 t
Draft: 1.43/3.60 m
Mainsail area: 100 m2
Genoa area: 65 m2
Number of cabins: 3 or 4
Fresh Water: 800 l
Diesel: 860 l
Motors: 2 x 55hp
Price: € 1,140,000 ex-tax

Catana 53


This is not one boat, but a whole range which has been developed under the name of Catmar Range 6. Designed by Marc Lombard, the Catmar is available in several versions from 62 to 68 feet, as a sailboat or a power catamaran. Aluminum construction allows the builder to respond to owners’ requests as much for interior layouts as for the overall lines of the boat, including the flybridge. Hull number 1 in the series (a 64 ...

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