Take the test: Are you ready to set off for a year’s sabbatical aboard a catamaran?

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We all dream about it: quitting the daily routine, albeit reassuring, but so predictable, to take ourselves to the other side of the ocean and see if “lagoon blue” is a real color, discover amazing islands surrounded by coconut palms… and at last be able to watch our children grow. But are you made for this life? There’s only one way to find out: take this test. And then you’ll know if your dream, finally, can become reality…


1 - Every morning, you set off for work:
a) Full of enthusiasm and ready to take on another great day…
b) Asking yourself if somewhere there exists a fairer and more enjoyable way of life…
c) With a single wish: resign and set off for the other side of the world…


2 - At work, are you the type of person who:
a) Completes their work and leaves on time!
b) Knows that they should do their work, but that doesn’t stop them from taking a little break from time to time and having a laugh with their co-workers.
c) Knows that the work needs to be done, but what’s most important is that it’s done in a friendly atmosphere with their colleagues.


3 - And in your personal life?
a) You still have the same friends you had as a child. That is to say, you’ve known them since kindergarten…
b) You have moved around a lot for your work, but in every new town, you’ve quickly made a new network of friends.
c) You’ve just celebrated getting your thousandth Facebook friend, and have five nights out a week planned for the next two months…


4 - When preparing dinner for your friends, your choice is usually:
a) Always the same dish. Your friends can’t stand it anymore, but it’s the only recipe you know.
b) You have a great book of the world’s best recipes. You try out a new one every time!
c) A recipe brought back from your last voyage which was given to you by an old lady you met in the street. A real gift!


5 - You love your kids, of course. But what would you rather do with them?
a) Stupid question: they know how to entertain themselves.
b) They are so cute: you love watching them have fun.
c) Play, laugh, jump, run… Simply just live with them!


6 - One word to define family life?
a) Compromise
b) Joy
c) Sharing


7 - Above all, travelling is:
a) A dream you’ll achieve when you retire. For sure.
b) A real pleasure. You love going on vacation as often as you can.
c) A real way of life. Travel is your “raison d’être”…


8 - For you, life is:
a) Working to earn money.
b) Working so you can go on vacation.
c) For making the most of!


9 - If you say travel, you think of meeting new people…
a) Don’t agree: travel is mostly for seeing beautiful places. At least that’s what you imagine…
b) How could you live without your friends, and friends of friends? You can only enrich your life through contact with others.
c) You even have friends with whom you don’t share a common language. Everywhere you go, you meet new people. And the best thing is that you keep in touch.


10 - Your secret dream?
a) To win the lottery.
b) To win the lottery and quit work.
c) To win the lottery and sail round the world on your boat.



Go on, be brave… In a few minutes, you’ll finally know if you’re ready to set off for a year’s sabbatical. Ready?



You answered mostly A
Travel, escape, adventure and meeting new people… you love seeing all that on TV. But in the end, it’s the way in which you travel which best meets your expectations. Our advice: take a week’s vacation from time to time, going a little farther each time. You end up getting a taste for it and maybe you too, one day…



You answered mostly B
You love travelling and have no fear of the unknown. And you’re also one of the lucky ones who is open to the opportunities the world has to offer, and love meeting the kind of people you only find by travelling. Bravo! Make the most of your visit to LE NAUTIC 2015 and follow our “CATAMARAN & TRI FRIENDLY” route to get all the info on a sabbatical year at sea. And it’s highly likely we’ll be meeting up in an anchorage sometime soon. See you in the Grenadines this winter?



You answered mostly C
Why on Earth did you bother taking this test? You know that you’re set for (at least) a year’s sabbatical. It’s no longer a dream, but a concrete project. All that remains to be done is to get yourself organized, by following our route around LE NAUTIC. And don’t forget to send an account of your travels to the editor of MULTIHULLS WORLD…


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