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Fountaine Pajot New 67

Do you dream of an up-market boat produced by an internationally renowned builder? Then you must go to Cannes and nowhere else, to discover the brand new flagship of Fountaine Pajot’s fleet. As is now the tradition for the new boats from the La Rochelle-based builder, we don’t know its real name, so it therefore – for the moment – answers to the code name of New 67. On 11th September, the boat's new name will be officially revealed. In the meantime, we can already tell you that the New 67 is a resolutely modern boat, with its inverted bows and a particularly successful refined design, notably with the new hull portlights. Up forward, we find a cockpit which can be equipped with a jacuzzi, and with direct access from the interior via a door. In this size of boat, the flybridge is almost obligatory, and Fountaine Pajot provides a huge one, with all the comfort necessary for its flagship. Three versions are being offered by the builder: the ‘Proprietaire’ version, with a suite in one of the hulls dedicated to the owner, the ‘Lounge’, with the galley in the gangway to retain maximum space in the saloon, and a third version with 6 double cabins, each equipped with a private bathroom, and two crew cabins – also with their bathroom – in addition…

Neel 65

Neel has opened a new approach for all lovers of voyages by boat, who are looking for both the comfort aboard that only multihulls can offer, and pleasure at the helm. The builder’s solution? A platform allowing a genuine ‘loft’ on the water, placed on a trimaran hull. The result is a boat which is seaworthy, pleasant to helm, with an incomparable passage through the water, and impressive amounts of volume!

The Neel 65 Evolution can be seen at La Rochelle’s Grand Pavois (and it will remain for a while at the boatyard for those of you who can’t make the boat show). The flagship of the fleet, completely redesigned compared with the first generation Neel 65, offers the famous ‘cockloon’ – a single area between the cockpit and the saloon – which can accommodate up to 14 people for a sit-down meal.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Another new feature: the modular nature of the central saloon and an innovative, spacious galley, completely turned towards the sea and integrated into life aboard. And then the best feature remains of course the owner's cabin - a 'must'!

A boat which is worth visiting while waiting to see the brand new Neel 47 at the beginning of next year.

Mc Conaghy 60

The McConaghy MC50 made a very conspicuous entry into the catamaran world at the International Multihull Show last April. The very innovative concept of this 50-footer and the volumes offered are quite simply out of the ordinary… The idea is to offer a single saloon/cockpit area which can be closed or opened according to wishes and the weather. The feeling of liveable volume outside and/or inside is therefore just impressive. We also appreciate the large flybridge and the steering position, which is particularly pleasant and comprehensive.

The builder will be presenting the 60-footer in its range at Cannes – a boat which picks up the same conventions, but with an even more impressive living area. To be seen, absolutely!


Bali 5.4

After the Bali 4.0, 4.3, 4.5 then 4.1, here is the latest boat from Bali, the 5.4, which will be presented for its world premiere at Cannes, then at the Barcelona Boat Show. If you have already been lucky enough to visit a Bali, you can easily imagine the volume that the 54-footer in the range will be able to offer. On the program, an exceptional saloon/cockpit area on the same level, a completely decked forward deck saloon accessible from the interior, an impressively-dimensioned panoramic flybridge, and several accommodation versions, ranging from 4 to 6 double or twin cabins. Finally, as for all the boats in the range, the builder has done a lot of work on self-sufficiency, for energy as well as for cold storage and fuel…

Dufour 48

Announced last winter at the Paris Boat Show, the new catamaran from Dufour is a modern boat designed by Umberto Felci. 48 feet long, it picks up the company’s main features with the hull lines with a slight reveal, the shape of the portlights and a clear deck plan, to enjoy the boat to the full. The mast is positioned well aft, which allows a 72m² mainsail and a 48m² self-tacking jib to be offered, which will greatly simplify maneuvers. The Dufour 48 offers a large flybridge, two sunbathing areas forward and a functional cockpit, the perfect extension to the saloon. The Dufour 48 will be presented at Cannes, for its world premiere.

Ita 14.99

You will have to come to Cannes to discover the brand-new Ita 14.99. This high-tech carbon-epoxy catamaran is built in Italy and designed by François Perus & Yacht Design Collective. Stylish, the Ita 14.99 has been designed for fast cruising and its deck plan has been optimized for shorthanded crews or singlehanders. Weighing 10.5 tonnes unladen, with deep daggerboards (1.15/2.30 m) and a generous sail area, there is no doubt that we will be hearing a lot about this brand-new boat…

Leopard 50

If you want to know everything about the brand new 50-foot Leopard, go to page 96 of this magazine to see the full test we carried out aboard it. A boat available in P version (for Performance) or L (for Lounge) with a flybridge; everyone will thus be able to find the boat which suits them.

Seen at Miami at the beginning of the year, then at the International Multihull Show in April, the Leopard continues its presentation at the Cannes, Barcelona and Annapolis Boat Shows.

Outremer 51

We discovered it at the International Multihull Show last April, and you can admire it again at Cannes and Barcelona. The new Outremer 51, the third generation, offers new lines designed by Patrick le Quément, while the interior has been redesigned by the team from Darnet Design, which has modernized notably the galley and the chart table, to make them even more ergonomic. But the builder has also done a lot of work on the construction to save weight and increase – again – the performance of this fast ocean cruising boat.

Astrea 42

Named at the last Multihull Show at La Grande Motte, the New 42 from Fountaine Pajot officially became the Astrea 42. A very successful boat with incredible accommodation for a boat of this size, which – as you will see in the full test you can read in this edition of Multihulls World, page 102 – also sails very well. A success and a future best-seller!


All our insider informants concur: Lagoon is going to present a brand-new boat at the autumn boat shows. It’s hard to find out much for the moment, as information is coming out in dribs and drabs. The only certainty is that the newcomer should be picking up the general characteristics of the builder’s latest boats, the Lagoon 40 and 50.

Icecat 61

The latest boat from the Italian builder, Ice Yachts, is a particularly successful catamaran (it was nominated for Multihull of the Year by your favorite magazine and the International Multihull Show). This very first catamaran designed by the builder, which is used to producing top of the range monohulls, is fast, modern and very well built. Visitors to the Multihull Show were pleased to discover this very beautifully finished boat, which will be exhibited at Cannes. The opportunity to see a top of the range boat and be able to visit it…

Aventura 34

The latest boat from Aventura, discovered at the last Multihull Show, will be presented at Cannes in its two-cabin version and at La Rochelle in the three cabin version. Enough to be able to compare in real life, and to make an informed decision about the accommodation you want. It must be said that the 34 is a genuine cruiser which offers some nice volumes for a couple or a small family looking for a boat which is easy to handle and maintain.

The builder is moreover finishing the number 1 of its Aventura 44s, which will be in the water next October.

Astus 20.5

Discovered at its world premiere at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, the Astus 20.5 will be seen for the first time afloat at La Rochelle’s Grand Pavois. This trimaran, designed by VPLP – as was the very successful Astus 16.5 – remains faithful to the company’s DNA, while offering better performance under sail. A boat which is therefore easy to handle and launch, while being fun to helm! The Astus 20.5 is of course also transportable, allowing you to change sailing areas easily, and its floats are retractable to make transport and stopping in a marina easier... Finally, the builder is offering its new trimaran in two versions, one called ‘Loisir’, for peaceful sailing and the other ‘Sport’, for lovers of racing and excitement, with the central hull in infusion.

Maverick 440 Hydrid

The builder Maverick, based in Cape Town in South Africa, has just launched a brand-new generation of its famous Maverick 440. This new boat is in fact a hybrid version, which, thanks to a lot of work by the builder on renewable energies, allows almost total independence as far as energy is concerned... Batteries, solar panels, hydro-generator and a generator if really necessary will allow you to remain in your perfect anchorage for as long as…you manage to catch fish!

The Maverick 440 (in its classic diesel version) can be seen this year at the Annapolis and Cape Town shows.

Bali 4.0 Day Charter

Since its creation by Catana, the Bali brand has caused a considerable stir. With its ‘Open’ concept taken to the extreme, its aft door which disappears completely to leave an incredible feeling of volume, the elimination of the forward trampoline to offer a new living area, the Bali is resolutely oriented towards the quality of life aboard. The interest of the platform has led the builder to develop this day-charter version to meet strong demand from professionals. A version which can carry up to 28 passengers for the day…

The first day-charter boat from Bali can be seen for its world premiere at the Cannes Boat Show.

Tricat 20

At the La Rochelle show you will be able to see the new boat from Tricat, with this 20-foot trimaran, which will allow you to scour the different stretches of water and discover creeks which are inaccessible to bigger boats. The Tricat 20 was designed by Antoine Houdet and Jack Michal, with the aim of allowing nice day sailing or sporty but comfortable coastal ‘raids’. Aboard, we find once again the 25’s folding system, which has proved itself, and for the accommodation, a double berth for the parents and two berths for the children. Enough to go sailing as a family and enjoy life, whilst having great fun at the helm!


The shipyard at Marsaudon Composites loves fast boats designed for cruising. At La Rochelle you’re going to be able to discover the TS5, a very fast cruising boat, which is very sexy.

The boat which really won us over when we tested it (see Multihulls World 160) with an XXL-sized feel, offering a great quality of life on board. But most importantly, it’s this catamaran’s double personality which will seduce you: it appeals just as much to racers as it does to their families… Note that the yard has just launched the all-new TS3, a truly original model, still designed by Christophe Barreau. We’re talking about a catamaran which can be dismantled and transported in a 40 foot container. It is designed for coastal cruising or even semi-offshore work.

40 Open Sunreef Power

As in previous years, Sunreef is going to have a festival at Cannes, and will be presenting five catamarans, including three beautiful (and big) new boats!

The 40 Open Sunreef Power is a distinctive boat in the builder’s range, as it is more like a sport boat. This original boat is going to be presented at Cannes in an exclusive version with diamond-based hull paint (!!!!!) and Mercury Racing 860 propulsion. In its most powerful version, the 40 Open can reach 60 knots, with a cruising speed of 35 knots. A boat which should be all the rage at Cannes…

Sunreef sailing 60 and 80

The brand-new Sunreef range announced last year at Cannes will be presented in 2018 at this same show, with not one, but two catamarans. The builder is in fact presenting the Sunreef 80 and the Sunreef 60 for their world premiere at Cannes. The idea of this new range is to find again the spirit of the classic sailing boats, but using modern architecture and a high-tech construction. The volume here is the key feature, and the liveability is quite simply exceptional, whether on the 60 or even more so on the 80-footer. As always at Sunreef, the catamarans that you will be able to admire at Cannes are just the results of their owners’ choices, as the builder offers almost infinite possibilities for customizing these boats. See them at Cannes, and at Miami for the sailing Sunreef 80.


Fountaine Pajot has already announced its brand-new motor catamaran, which picks up the characteristics of the very successful MY 37 and MY 44. The new boat is a 40-footer with an innovative design by Pierangelo Andreani, to whom we also owe the MY 44. According to the principle of not changing a winning team, we find once again here a spacious owner's cabin with an independent access, a 360-degree view in the saloon, a flybridge with an impressive area, and of course a nice relaxation area up forward.But to see this new boat, you will have to wait for the Düsseldorf show in January 2019!

Privilège Euphorie 5

The Euphorie 5 is one of the new boats that Privilège Marine has announced (see our ‘news from the builders’ pages) along with the 510 Signature and the 580 Signature. But although you will have to wait until summer 2019 to see the 510, and the middle of 2020 for the 580, the Euphorie 5 is in the water and will be presented for its world premiere at Cannes. A motor catamaran for a voyage or just to enjoy life, created from the basis of the Série 5, with a new hull specifically for use under power.

Nautitech 47 Power

Discovered at Düsseldorf on land, then at the International Multihull Show afloat, the first motor Nautitech will continue being presented to the public, and you will be able to admire it at Cannes.

With a 1,000-mile range at 9 knots, the Nautitech 47 Power is a genuine cruising boat, even though it is also capable of a good top speed, as it can reach 22 knots. Aboard it’s of course the quality of life which prevails, with the saloon-cockpit area on the same level, and the hydraulic platform, allowing the dinghy to be stowed easily, and which once at anchor will become a real ‘beach’ for enjoying the sea. Finally there is the flybridge and the forward saloon, cozy areas which will delight the guests.

Silent 55

The Silent 55 is an atypical boat in today’s nautical landscape, as it uses no fossil energy. Equipped with solar panels, and an impressive battery bank, it can reach a top speed of 12 to 20 knots, with a cruising speed of 6/8 to 12/15 knots, depending on the motors chosen (2 x 30kW or 2 x 135 kW). The Silent 55 can even be equipped with a classic rig, to increase its range and be literally completely independent. A really innovative catamaran to discover at Cannes.

Mares 47 Fly

Mares International is going to present its brand-new 47 Outboard catamaran at the Fort Lauderdale show. This boat has an asymmetric hull, for good handling at high speed. We must mention that the Mares 47’s top speed is 52 knots…

The catamaran is propelled by four 350hp Suzuki outboard motors, a solution which is becoming more and more fashionable on multihulls in the USA…

Aquila 44

The Aquila isn’t really a new boat, but this year it will be the first time that the builder has exhibited a boat in Europe, and it will happen at Cannes. This boat is one of the builder’s best-sellers, as the 44 offers a maximum amount of living area for its size. Designed for cruising, whether offshore or charter, living aboard the Aquila 44 is easy, both at sea and at anchor. Note that as standard, the Aquila 44 offers 3 double cabins and 3 heads, but that customizing solutions are of course possible.

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