Coastal camping: the pleasure of sailing, quite simply!

Published on 01 april 2010 at 0h00

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Imagine yourself on a beach, it’s summer and the sun is setting over the deep blue sea… Around your campfire, you take advantage of these moments with your family before going to sleep in the tent… Tomorrow, a wonderful new day awaits you: you will take the helm of your little cat (or trimaran – delete where necessary) and head off to another sublime creek where only you can land, thanks to your shallow draft and unequalled manoeuvrability! You like the sound of it?  Then you must have the coastal camping virus…

But what is coastal camping?

As its name indicates, coastal camping is an activity in which you sail along the coast in your little multihull (it works with a monohull too, but it’s not as nice…). As its accommodation is often reduced to the simplest form, the only solution when you stop is to pitch a tent, either on the beach or on the boat’s trampoline. This way of sailing has (very) many advantages: you can change your cruising area at will, as these boats are easily transportable, they are not expensive, either to buy or maintain, and cruises are quite frankly economical - no marinas and no excessive provisioning... In short, a leisure sailor’s delight!

Where and when to go?

The formula’s advantage is that no destination is excluded… With the boat on the trailer, you can go anywhere you want to, from your ‘home port’. Even the other side of the sea, if you organise your boat’s transfer early enough. Once at your destination, all you have to do is leave ...

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