Appli Donia - 190 acres of Posidonia meadows preserved!

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The aim of this interface is to enable boaters to know where to anchor their multihulls without destroying the Posidonia seagrass meadows, a flowering plant that is seriously threatened in the Mediterranean. In operation for 10 years, the free Donia app now has 50,000 users. 2022 was a record year for the app: over 15,000 active users and a peak of 6,000 downloads during the summer season, proof that environmental protection meets with an ever-growing favorable response among sailors. Andromède Océanologie is also extending its work with the Donia REPIC program, which enables the replanting of seagrass areas that have been destroyed by anchoring activity. Donia also offers an alternative for yachts over 24 meters (78 feet) in length, with Donia Mooring: this involves mooring buoys, located in specific areas, enable yachting professionals to avoid damaging the seagrass beds. The Donia app is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. 

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