Sail The World With Me - Jimmy Cornell’s invitation to take to the Seas

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It's clear that in this book the author of the indispensable World Cruising Routes, World Cruising Destinations and Cornells’ Ocean Atlas is keen to pass on his knowledge. He has accumulated the experience of six great voyages around the world sailing more than 200,000 nautical miles. Not to share this experience would, for Jimmy Cornell, make no sense. Beyond the nautical considerations that are at the heart of this almost 500-page book, three major subjects emerge and lead the reader to question the meaning he or she really wants to give to their life. The respect and openness to others of this great polyglot traveler are exemplary. Sail The World With Me, which recounts his latest voyage, on a zero-emissions sailing catamaran, is the most beautiful, sincere and well-argued invitation to go cruising. Jimmy Cornell will probably be on our stand at the International Multihull Show in April at La Grande Motte in the South of France, making a great opportunity for you to get a dedicated, signed edition of his book, copies of which will shortly be available on our website.

Sail The World With Me by Jimmy Cornell - Cornell Sailing Events & Publications – € 34.95

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