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The World Premières that you absolutely can’t miss

Aventura 34 (World première)

The major new model this year for the Aventura yard is this 34 footer designed by the Design Lasta team.  The Aventura 34 is replacing the 33 in their range. And like its predecessor, this catamaran with a modern and successful design is becoming the boat of choice for coastal or offshore family cruising.This true cruising boat offers 3 double cabins, a comfortable saloon and a nice cockpit.  Not bad for a boat that’s just 10m in length.

The yard is also in the process of finalizing the all-new Aventura 44, the first example of which should be making its debut at the 2018 Cannes show.


Builder: Aventura Catamarans

Length: 9.98 m

Beam: 5.35 m

Unladen weight: 3.8 t

Draft: 0.90 m

Mainsail area: 45 m²

Genoa area: 28 m²

Gennaker area: 45 m²

Number of cabins: 3

Water: 2 x 150 l

Diesel: 2 x 100 l

Engines: 2 x 14 hp

Price: 149,000 euros exc. tax 

Bali 4.1 (World première)

The newest member of the Bali yard is the 4.1, a beautiful evolution of the Bali 4.0 with 140 units sailing around the world today.  You can read the full test in this issue of Multihulls World. This new boat will be presented for the first time to the public at La Grande Motte and it is particularly awaited by fans of innovative boats, very livable but equally seaworthy. The proof being that the No.1 in the series has just sailed around Spain to be at the show. The yard is also working on the flagship of the range, the Bali 5.4, which should be launched at the end of the year. 


Builder: Catana

Length: 12.35 m

Beam: 6.72 m

Unladen weight: 8.9 t

Draft: 1.12 m

Mainsail area: 48/50 m²

Solent area: 33 m²

Code 0 area: 56 m²

Number of cabins: 3/4

Water: 800 l

Diesel: 400 l

Engines: 2 x 20/40 hp

Price: 294,800 euros exc. tax  

Bavaria Nautitech Power 47 (Première afloat)

First seen ashore at the Düsseldorf show, the Bavaria Nautitech Power 47 is going to be on show for the first time afloat at the multihull show.  Note that this first powercat from Nautitech has also been nominated in the Power Multihull category in the election for Multihull of the Year 2018 (you can still vote at - the results will be announced during the show).  This catamaran is fast with a 22 knots top speed, but also has a great range, with 1,000 miles autonomy at 9 knots.  Of course on board, it’s the quality of life which is most evident, with a single cockpit-saloon space, and the hydraulic platform which allows you to easily stow the dinghy and which, once at anchor, transforms into a real bathing platform so you can make the most of the sea.  Finally there are the flybridge and the forward cockpit, comfortable areas to be enjoyed with friends and guests. 


Builder: Bavaria Catamarans

Length: 14.23 m

Beam: 7.54m

Engines: 2 x 225 hp

Range: 1,000 miles

Cruising speed: 9 knots

Top speed: 22 knots

Diesel capacity: 2 x 550 l

Price: 512,000 euros exc. tax 

Preview from Fountaine Pajot

Fountaine Pajot took advantage of the Düsseldorf show to announce two new boats for 2018, in addition to the New 67 already planned for Cannes 2018. 

With these three new catamarans, the yard is demonstrating - if it were needed - all its creative potential ... On the Motor Yacht side, the MY40 will fit between the successful MY44 and MY37. We’ll be seeing it toward the end of the year.

The other big news is the New 42.  This will fit in the range between the Lucia 40 and the Hélia 44 Evolution and be following in their footsteps.  A brand new boat, whose official name we’ll discover (as is now the tradition at Fountaine Pajot) at its christening ceremony. So will the New 42 be at La Grande Motte?  It’s a surprise, according to the builders, who are remaining very mysterious.

The New 42 will however be presented in Cannes as a world première... 


Builder: Fountaine Pajot

Length: 12.58 m

Beam: 7.20 m

Unladen weight: 11.5 t

Draft: 1.25 m

Mainsail area: 65 m²

Genoa area: 41 m²

Number of cabins: 3/4

Water: 2 x 350 l

Diesel: 470 l

Engines: 2 x 30 hp

Price: N/A 

Futura 49 (World première)

The first variable-width catamaran will make its big debut in April at La Grande Motte. This boat is more than innovative, it is revolutionary!  You will be able to go from a beam of 7.98 m in sailing mode, to 4.93 m for returning to port.  Thus allowing users to have a catamaran without having to worry about the problems of berthing.  The Futura is nonetheless a true ocean cruiser, with some great features for a comfortable life on board.

Development has not been easy - as you might expect - but production is now well underway.

We cannot wait to see it and test it for real...

Technical specifications

Builder: Futura YachtSystems

Length: 14.92 m

Beam: 4.93/7.98 m

Light displacement: 10.8 t

Draft: 1.15 m

Mainsail area: 88 m²

Genoa: 42.60 m²

Gennaker: 175 m²

No. of cabins: 1, 2, 3 or 4

Water: 775 l

Diesel: 280 l

Motors: 2 x 40 hp

Price:  € 629,000 ex-tax, ready to sail 

Ice Cat 61 (World première)

With The Ice Cat 61, Ice Yachts are launching themselves into the catamaran world with a prestigious and upscale model.  The objective is to offer a comfortable and luxurious boat, of course, but also one which is (very) powerful, since the architect assures us that the IceCat 61 will be able to peak at over 25 knots. The efficient hull should allow for sailing at up to 30° off the wind, and with a draft of only 1 m, the most isolated anchorages will be accessible with the daggerboards raised...

Note that the yard offers an all-carbon version of its 61 - for the most demanding and those looking for the ultimate performance - and two 67s have already been sold in this material!  A great success for the Italian shipyard accustomed to high-end and high performance yachts.


Builder: Ice Yachts

Length: 18.60 m

Beam: 8.60 m

Light displacement: 13.5 t

Draft: 1/2.50 m

Mainsail area: 118 m²

Solent: 59 m²

Code 0: 160 m²

No. of cabins: 3 to 4 doubles

Water: 2 x 335 l

Diesel: 2 x 335 l

Motors: 2 x 55 HP

Price: 1,350,000 euros ex-tax 

Leopard 50 (European première)

First discovered at the Miami Boat Show back in February, La Grande Motte will be the location for the first official presentation of the new Leopard 50 in Europe.

The new design this of brand new catamaran (from Simonis & Voogd Yacht Design) is particularly successful. The silhouette is well refined and it’s easy to imagine the amount of work that went into creating such living spaces on board while offering a sleek boat.  But the stakes are high for the builder, in a size of catamaran much sought after by owners, and where there is stiff competition.

This catamaran will be offered in two versions by the yard: the P version (for Performance) which is fitted with a traditional bimini, and the L version (for Lounge) with a flybridge for lovers of comfort.  On both versions you will find the now traditional, yet very practical, forward cockpit accessible from inside.

The Leopard 50 presented at the multihull show will be the L model in the 4-cabin version (there is also a 5-cabin version).

Technical Specifications

Builder: Leopard Catamarans

Length: 15.40 m

Beam: 8.06 m

Light displacement: 19 t

Draft: 1.60 m

Mainsail area: 90.3 m²

Genoa: 63.90 m²

Code 0: 90.1m²

No. of cabins: 4 or 5 doubles

Water: 700 l

Diesel: 920 l

Motors: 2 x 57 hp

Price: 539,000 euros ex-tax  

Marsaudon TS5 (World première)

The brand new catamaran by Marsaudon Composites will be on display to the public for the first time at La Grande Motte 2018.  

This highly anticipated catamaran comes at the right time to celebrate the takeover of the yard by Damien Cailliau and Frédéric Blandin. But fans need not worry: Sam Marsaudon will be remaining at the yard for the moment to ensure the safe transition and to transmit the DNA which is so particular to the TS range...

As with all the boats from the yard, this brand new TS5 is a fast catamaran designed by Christophe Barreau. With its daggerboards and modern hull, the TS is a quick boat, yet offers the real on-board comfort of a cruising catamaran. A real enthusiast’s boat that is scheduled to be tested in the next issue of Multihulls World... 


Builder: Marsaudon Composites

Length: 15.24 m

Beam: 8.20 m             

Light displacement: 8.6 t

Draft: 1.20/2.80 m

Air draft: 23.05 m

Mainsail area: 88 m²

Solent: 60 m²

Water: 2 x 200 l

Diesel: 2 x 110 l

Motors: 2 x 40 HP

Price: 605,000 euros ex-tax 

McConaghy 50 (World première)

The well-known McConaghy yard has also chosen to present their very first catamaran - the MC 50 - at the multihull show. This brand new boat offers a flybridge - easily accessed via a central stairway -equipped with a superb double helm station. No doubt it will be "the place to be" when racing!  Not least because the MC 50 is a very fast boat, equipped notably with a rotating carbon mast and having a very innovative layout.

We especially like the single saloon/cockpit space which when opened up, is great for all the guests on board

A visit on board is essential... 

Technical Specifications

Builder: McConaghy

Length: 15.30 m

Beam: 8 m

Draft: 1/2.70 m

Sail area: 150 m²

No. of cabins: 3

Water: 600 l

Diesel: 500 l

Motors: 2 x 55 hp

Price: US$ 1,675,000 ex-tax

Neel 45 Evolution (World première)

While awaiting the 65, currently under construction, the Neel 45 Evolution is the new boat of the year from this cruising trimaran builder.  Being presented to the public for the first time at the multihull show, the 45 Evolution retains everything that made the success of the Neel 45 (easy to use when sailing short-handed, a pleasure to helm, the central hull which allows for centering the weight and an unrivalled comfort at sea) However, it now also offers a redesigned rigid bimini, a more luxurious interior finish, a central daggerboard and an optional performance rig.


Builder: Neel Trimarans

Length: 13.50 m

Beam: 8.50 m

Unladen weight: 8 t

Draft: 1.20 m

Mainsail area: 60 m2

Self-tacking staysail area: 20 m²

Genoa area: 46 m²

Number of cabins: 3 doubles or 3 doubles and 2 singles

Water: 500 l

Diesel: 300 l

Engine: 55 hp

Price: 439,350 euros exc. tax  

Outremer 51 (World première)

Outremer will be presenting their new Outremer 51 at the multihull show. A distinguished descendant of the famous 49 which has now become the 51, this second generation Outremer 51 offers a brand new design by Patrick Le Quément and an optimization of the interior ergonomics thanks to Darnet Design.  There is a substantial weight gain that will allow for better performance under sail.  But at the show, we’re really keen to see the 4X that our friend Jean-Pierre Balmes will be taking on the next Route du Rhum. It’s an up-rated 4X specially prepared for the race of a lifetime. An absolute must-see, at La Grande Motte and nowhere else!


Builder: Outremer Yachting

Length: 15.65 m

Beam: 7.45 m

Light displacement: 10.9 t

Draft: 0.95/2.35 m

Mainsail area: 91 m²

Solent: 31 m²

Genaker: 110 m2

Number of cabins: 3/4 doubles

Water: 2 x 190 l

Fuel: 2 x 170 l

Motors: 2 x 40 HP

Price: 725,000 euros ex-tax  

Seawind 1600

The all-new catamaran being exhibited by the Australian yard Seawind is a real success, as you will see in the complete test that we devote to it in this issue of Multihulls World.  Designed by Reichel Pugh, the Seawind 1600 is built in Vietnam as is the manufacturer’s entire range, which includes Corsair trimarans. Seaworthy, and easy to manage even short-handed, the Seawind 1600 deserves a closer look if you are after a boat to go sailing around the world... 


Builder: Seawind Catamarans

Length: 15.74 m

Beam: 7.90 m

Light displacement: 13 t

Draft: 0.54/2.60 m

Mainsail area: 95 m²

Solent: 38 m²

Screecher: 82 m2

Number of cabins: 3/4 doubles

Water: 2 x 300 l

Fuel: 2 x 340 l

Motors: 2 x 57/80 HP

Price: 839,000 $ ex-tax

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