The big summer test : What kind of cruiser are you?

Published on 21 june 2017 at 0h00

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1 – Returning from a particularly hard winter sail, you meet up with your friends around a nice coffee and...

A ) You explain to them in detail everything you have just experienced, and how you did well in a situation which was sometimes on the limit.

B ) You add just a little bit. It must be said that your friends are all experienced sailors and to impress them, 35 knots is a bit lightweight!

C ) You try to explain to them in simple words, easily understood by the common landlubber, what you have just experienced, and why it was brilliant – while objectively what you are telling them is not necessarily very enviable!


2 – Your favorite sporting event is:

A ) The one and only, the hardest and the most mythical: the OSTAR.

B ) The Route du Rhum, the transat which leaves in winter and arrives in summer...

C ) The America’s Cup. The oldest sporting trophy still being raced for, since its creation, and the opportunity to see some incredible boats sailed by the best sailors!


3 – The red buoy in the West Indies means:

A ) Easy, it’s red to starboard when returning to the port. The opposite to Europe.

B ) Easy, it’s the ones you mustn’t miss when returning to Le Marin. Red to starboard when returning.

C ) Easy, and to remember, there’s the famous RRR (Red Right Returning).


4 – Your next mainsail...

A ) D4 or 3DL, I’m still hesitating...

B ) Square-headed main, of course!

C ) After having read the latest Multihulls World, I’m wondering whether a ...

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