Multihulls World n° 189

Features that wind us up?

A subject that often comes up for debate at boat shows, not just with you, our readers, but also among our colleagues: Should a boating magazine be obliged to report on disasters unseen or otherwise? Is there a place for headline-grabbing marine news in our pages and on our digital media? According to some people, yes, it’s even the most expected section in a magazine, and we’ve got surveys to prove it! For my part, I would say that the journalists responsible for such articles will end up being afraid to leave harbor. I would also point out that magazines from the automotive press, be it cars, RVs, motorcycles, or even from the bicycle industry, don’t offer us their “crash of the month”. They don’t show blood on the roads, so why should we publish pictures of a sinking boat? That being said, some delicate subjects deserve to be reported in our pages, because they concern the safety of us all. When the Covid-19 pandemic blocked almost every port in the world, we published an article entitled “Blue Water Cruising in Quarantine”. Now, in this issue, we investigate at length the interactions with orcas that are disrupting boating off the coast of Spain. Very soon, we’ll be dealing with another, even more taboo subject: the capsizing of multihulls. There will be no question of stigmatizing any particular manufacturer or model. Our approach will be both educational and positive. The objective will be to better understand in order to anticipate and prepare, all thanks to the involvement of numerous boatbuilders, naval architects and sailors for this feature. Multihulls World’s approach, more than ever, is to make you want to sail, to slip the lines and cross the oceans on two or three hulls. We leave our fears of the deep behind at the dock!

Enjoy reading!
Emmanuel van Deth
Editor in Chief
Gerbert Rambaud
CEO of Jours de Passions

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