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August / September

Multihulls World

Issue #: 12

Published: August / September 2018

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Blue Water Special Edition - Summer 2018

Contents of Multihulls World Blue Water Cruising Special Edition - Summer 2018

News from offshore
To see - to do
News from the yards

New equipment, for you and your boat 

This summer’s big quiz
Which boat is right for you?

Preparing for blue water
Preparation to consider
Blue water health issues
Check your rigging

What kind of energy will we be using on our boats in 2025?

Buying second-hand: how to stay on course
Second-hand selection: 15 of our favorite cats from 35 to 45 feet

10 unmissable anchorages for a circumnavigation

Readers around the world
Tales from our readers: our favorite stories

In good humor
"When you love you have to leave..."



Full ahead...

Our little community of those circumnavigating on more than one hull has always had a special place in the world of cruising boaters. It is often (if not to say always) on our cats that friends gather for aperitifs at anchor, leaving the chronic discomfort of their monohulls for the grandiose space and the conviviality of our multihulls... Often the first to arrive at the stopover, cat skippers are the ones who find the best spot to drop anchor and leave the others looking for where they are going to put themselves. And as luck would have it, it is often aboard our favorite boats that we find all the necessary gear to go lobster hunting, on board the most comfortable dinghy... We understand better why, overtime, the family of multihullers has grown exponentially.

But if we are more and more numerous in anchorages around the world, sometimes even being in the majority, we have not forgotten what gives us our strength: an incredible desire, and need, to discover; and a passion for each other and for meeting new people.

Philanthropist lovers of cruising? For sure! The biggest proof of this is the vast majority of readers who - after having cancelled their subscription to the magazine because they’re setting off on their nautical wanderings - become the best ambassadors for their magazine and our most active correspondents in the most beautiful anchorages of the world.

Who’s turn is it next?

Fair winds,

J-C Guillaumin

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