Charter - Dream Yacht Charter launches their Sail Pass

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Sail Pass prices vary depending on the type and size of boat chosen. For everyone wanting to enjoy their time on the water even more, DYC has created two Maxi Sail Passes, the Exclusive and the XL. “This will allow our clients to sail six weeks a year on any boat for one annual fee - three weeks in high season and three weeks in low season,” explained Loïc Bonnet, Founder and President of Dream Yacht Charter. “With our Sail Pass, charterers don't have to rush their plans to get a good deal. It is valid for 12 months - clients can decide when they want the Pass to start, but that has to be within 3 months of the purchase date.” In the past 12 months, DYC has launched new bases in La Spezia (Italy), Key West, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

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