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Multi50 Arkema 4 - Launched at last!

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Arkema 4 has drawn on the experience of Arkema 1: naval architect Romaric Neyhousser has designed a more versatile trimaran, capable of performing not only in solo ocean racing but also round the cans during the Grand Prix, an important part of a Multi50 season. The care that’s been taken to limit aerodynamic drag (integration of deck fittings, fairings and aero covers) is plain to see. But the most innovative part lies in the large cockpit. Flanked aft of the X-shaped arms, it allows the crew to maneuver the sails while fully protected, and ta the same time helping to lower the center of gravity. Removable for the Grand Prix races, the coachroof offers remarkable protection for single-handed sailing. Coated with a scratch-resistant and water-repellent varnish, its multiple panes of glass are made of PMMA, which is ultra-light and particularly resistant to impact. Also noteworthy are the structural adhesives used to assemble the structure, and the latest generation lithium batteries. Although the official skipper of Arkema 4 is the young Quentin Vlamynck, his mentor Lalou Roucayrol will be at his side for the coming seasons, as a way of passing on knowledge!

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