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Mythical book : Heart of the storm

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Jack is also a genuine author in the English language; his rich style suits wonderfully the fabulous plot in which nautical adventures and stories of daily life in the islands are intertwined. His mastery of portraiture and the absolute sincerity of his romantic confessions form the backdrop of the cruising story, until the distressing encounter with hurricane Hugo, a killer which devastated St Croix (Virgin Islands) with gusts of 400km/h! ‘Heart of the storm, the night the boats flew’ (in French: ‘Au cœur de la tempête, la nuit où les bateaux volaient’) is a breathtaking story which has a place amongst the great nautical books.

After having rebuilt his trimaran, Jack set off again round the world and lives aboard. He is currently in Asia, and has just re-launched his superb book, which is available to download in English.

Discover it on: www.dreameagles.info/HOS/

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