Pacific Ocean

Polynesia - The wave and the pass

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Name: Jonathan Jagot
Age: 23 years old
Profile: Has been sailing around the world for over 10 years

Here we are sailing downwind with the genoa unfurled, skirting the reef of a Polynesian island. It is as though we are stuck between a beautiful, green, mountainous island and this glittering coral reef, looking for an exit, a passageway. I get the impression that this will not be a quiet sail - here in Polynesia, the currents in the passes are very strong. The violent ebb and flow can easily lead you into making a mistake and even ending up shipwrecked. Even in the best scenarios, none of the passes will make your life easy.... The atolls fill up, then empty, like funnels. Billions of gallons of water rise or fall with the tides. And right here, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is only one obstacle: these islands…

The power of the ocean rushes into the only pass and then continues on its way to hit the next beaches and cliffs that stand in its way. The Pacific swell, long and graceful, reaches its resting place on these teeming and protective reefs. These coral beds are certainly among the best surfing spots in the world. The way out of the atoll is finally approaching, lined ...

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