Sailing La Vagabonde - The sailing family is going from a cat to a tri!

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The Australian family have just announced on their channel that their next boat is to be a Rapido 60. For this relatively confidential boatbuilder, this represents an unprecedented development opportunity. A quick look at the backstory: in 2014, Elayna and Riley began their great journey aboard a monohull, La Vagabonde. A few years later, they switched up to a catamaran and set out aboard an Outremer 45, logically named La Vagabonde 2. Every week or so, the crew posts a video - of excellent quality, by the way. The couple's fame exploded; little Lenny became an emblematic bohemian child. For almost two years, the family have been pondering an even bigger and faster boat. Bearing in mind that they have a second child imminently on the way, the specifications also dictate that the boat must be capable of being sailed effectively “solo”. In December 2019, a seatrial of a Rapido 60, in Auckland, New Zealand, convinced the young couple - the huge forecabin and top speeds in excess of 25 knots with only a very moderate heel was enough to earn a future Rapido 60 the name La Vagabonde 3!

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