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Sunreef Yachts Eco - After electric propulsion, composites in natural fibers

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According to a study unveiled by Fountaine Pajot, the usage phase of a multihull for 20 years accounts for 80% of its C02 emissions. The remaining 20% can be attributed to the construction of the yacht - which is undoubtedly more important, given that the average life expectancy of a yacht is 40 years. This is where flax fiber comes into its own: it can be combined with a biosourced or recyclable resin to create strong, reliable natural composites. This fiber even has a negative CO2 footprint due to the absorption of CO2 during the plant’s growth. What’s more, these natural composites can be recycled. This process involves extracting the resin and the fiber, giving both materials a new purpose. For the time being, Sunreef is integrating this new material into its non-structural elements - interior and exterior. Finally, flax cloth can be woven in countless patterns and dyed in an infinite variety of colors. 

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