THE ECO YACHT - The Wider shipyard in association with Marc Pajot

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The environmental aspects are widely promoted on board with an efficient and easy-to-use (boomless) sailplan, a hybrid diesel-electric drivetrain and clean energy generation systems. We are now entering a concrete phase since the designers have just announced that the Wider shipyard will be in charge of construction. This builder based in Ancona (Italy) is in fact reputed to be the first to have integrated an electric pod motor on board a superyacht over 130 feet in length. An important asset since a 100% electric powertrain with no CO2 emissions is included in the Eco Yacht’s specifications. Wider's know-how, recognized by the RINA “Green Plus” award, as well as the quality of their aluminum construction and the standard of finish of their interiors, will be a key asset for the realization of The Eco Yacht, a luxurious hyper-dwelling platform integrating cabins and terraces or a beach club at the stern. The pleasure of sailing is on the program; but it is above all the rationality of the operation allowing an impressive range at an average speed of 12-15 knots - whether under power or sail - that will meet the owner's requirements. And given its ability to sail 30 miles without generating any pollution at all, it will meet the zero-emissions standards on the horizon for 2030.

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