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‘Ocean Dentiste’: on-board prevention…

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For several years now, we have been initiating association-type projects around sailing. The aim each time has been to structure our passion for sailing around a useful social action. This has led us to race under the colors of the MGC mutual insurance company for skin diseases linked to the sun, to create an FFV regatta for a Himalaya association and finally in 2013, we launched an oral hygiene concept under sail. At first in a Pogo 8.50 with which we crossed the Atlantic for the first time, with the bilges loaded with preventative material for sailors and children. On our return, we worked on a development of the concept, by installing a real dentist’s chair in a boat. The TS 42 Océan Dentiste was launched in July 2016. The chair was built in to the nacelle’s structure on a system of rails, which allows the area to be adapted to two modes: sailing or dental treatment. The aim being to teach children to brush their teeth well, while reassuring those among them who were most afraid. For this, we use latest generation tools: toothbrushes connected to the free application Philips Sonicare, Camera Acteon for decay detection and poor brushing and of course distribution of ecological toothbrushes. In one year, over 3,000 children have been made aware in schools and aboard the boat, in 15 stopover towns between St. Malo and La Rochelle. After the schools in Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Martin, with our little Max, we will be heading for St. Pierre et Miquelon, once the snow has disappeared!

Who: Chloé, Antoine & Max

Where: Atlantic Ocean

Boat: TS 42


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