Atlantic ocean

Pom 3: An Atlantic crossing on an Outremer 5X

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Who: Julien, Héloïse, Mapie, Yvan, Will, Domi

Where: Atlantic crossing

Boat: Outremer 5X


So here we are: a full crew ready for our transatlantic crossing. Everyone gets to know their quarters and their jobs. First meal, first drinks under a blue sky, on a calm sea and a slight ten knot breeze.  The boat slips along nicely, with the wind in the spinnaker and the tack slapping, which is a good sign. On the sixth day the ID of a Gunboat catamaran appeared on the AIS screen. That ended any discussion over the route, and we headed due west in an effort to stay ahead of it. Everyone begins to check that everything is in place on the boat, and we put in place different sail combinations. One catamaran, it’s a cruise. Two catamarans, it’s a race! But it was all to no avail. As well as being half a knot faster than us, the Gunboat was sailing 10° off our course… Eventually, at the end of the day, they overtook us! We consoled ourselves with the fact that they probably didn’t have a Thermomix onboard for making the bread, or a selection of fine bottles to accompany their meals! It’s our tenth day at sea, and today we decided to share with you our tried and tested recipe for a good day’s transat sailing. For a bracing and dreamy wake-up call, start all the maneuvers at daybreak. And don’t forget to laugh with your fellow crew members. Take time to contemplate the ocean. You never know what amazing things you might see. Check the weather and your routing and take time to experience the sensations of being at the helm. Do the things that you enjoy: reading, writing, crosswords, films, seamanship (Yvan is the rigger for the Banque Populaire team!), cooking, siesta, yoga, music, board games, DIY, looking after the boat, telling jokes, burlesque shows! Add a little unexpected spice and fun. You’re now ready to experience life on the ocean wave! 

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