Cataja: Trinidad- the pleasant surprise!

Published on 01 february 2016 at 0h00

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Surprise on all levels on this island! Firstly, the currents; as you arrive, they form, torrent-like at the surface of the water – it’s best to have them with you to pass the channel leading to the anchorage. Then there is the lush vegetation which surprised us as we passed in front of Scotland Bay, and which offered us, in the early morning and in the middle of the mist hanging on the hillside, in addition to the contrasting colors, the cry of the howler monkey. Chaguaramas and its forest of masts, its boatyards, its cargo ships, bustling, busy, noisy, but an essential stop to carry out the formalities during the opening hours of the customs, or you pay a fine – and they don’t mess about! Surprised also by the beauty of this independent country! But where then did all these people who criticize Trinidad so much go? Certainly not to the ...

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