Atlantic ocean

Charm: an Outremer 55 light racing the ARC.

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We’ve found a 2002 Outremer 55 Light that we renamed Charm. We took it to La Grande Motte to have some work done at the shipyard before setting out on our adventure. Then we  signed up for the ARC+ 2017 so the three children would meet other kids and also so they would have the rally support that would make their anxious families at home feel more comfortable. The Atlantic crossing was very pleasant. Joe’s racing friend loved the first day out of Las Palmas where the wind was above 25 knots (true wind).  That night they surfed at speeds up to 24.9 knots. We decided that even though the speed was fun, we would slow down in the interests of the three children and Lara sleeping down below.  At the end of the first 24 hours, we had sailed 240 miles!  Then we had light winds for the second leg from Cabo Verde to St. Lucia.  Charm was the only catamaran and one of only two boats in the fleet that did not use motors for propulsion. Charm is fast in light winds. Our boat is strong, fast, safe and trustworthy.  She doesn't turn into a ‘drum’ with the slamming.  We can sail quickly and also sail when other boats have to motor.  We can anchor in shallow water which has proved invaluable in busy anchorages where room is scarce.  After a year and a half, we’ve fallen in love with Charm. So even though the three children don't care much about the details, they are happy to have made it to St Lucia so quickly, they are proud to have crossed the Atlantic and to have come in first in their class, and they love Charm.  We love Charm too - our children are safe and happy on the boat and it really makes the dream of sailing around the world with children feasible.

Who: Joe, Lara and Cobin (11), Marin (7) and Tully (4)

Where: Atlantic ocean

Boat: Outremer 55 light

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