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Kalos Anemos - The Magical Exumas

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That’s it. We have finally left Nassau for the Exumas Archipelago, in the heart of the Bahamas. This series of innumerable islets stretches over more than 100 nautical miles on a north-west/ south-east axis. In this month of March, we regularly get northerly gales which arrive when a depression leaves the North American coast. This is our third «northern» as they say around here, but this time we’re in the Land and Sea Park, a nature reserve. It’s nicer than being in Nassau. Just before the wind started to pick up, we visited the island of Shroud Cay and its mangroves. We met turtles and rays in the turquoise blue water. The mouth of the Cay is truly magical, with sublime colors that can be admired from the top of a hill. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful spot of our entire stay. We are bewitched. Unfortunately, we can’t linger for too long as we have to take shelter in another anchorage before the next gale blows up. We then leave for Warderick Wells Cay, the reserve’s main island. This is a very beautiful place too, with moorings in the channel that winds along next to the sandbanks. This produces pretty contrasts that can be observed from Boo Boo Hill, the «top» of the island. Here, passing crews come to drop off small planks of driftwood with the name of their boat. Before leaving, the girls paint a beautiful Anemo board. Once the wind has dropped, we set off in the direction of Compass Cay. In the afternoon, we go to the marina to witness the island’s specialty. A group of about fifteen nurse sharks has taken up residence there, fed by passing boats. Totally harmless and accustomed to visitors, the sharks let themselves be approached and even touched without flinching. The girls love swimming with these big fish and it’s the perfect way to debunk the image of the man-eating shark. It must be said that they are not the most voracious. It had been another beautiful day. «The most beautiful day of my life,» according to Emma!

Who: Anne, Pierre, Emma, Morgane
Where: Bahamas
Multihull: Hélia 44

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