Atlantic ocean

KOUROU - Falling under a river's spell...

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Nor does it appreciate you dropping anchor in its muddy bottoms, leaving you dragging time and time again... However, this river has a practical interest: it is one of the few available anchorages along the Atlantic coast of French Guyana. It's worth stopping, if only to take your dinghy alongside the trees overhanging the water (a good outboard engine is recommended). You can try to discover the hiding places of the howler monkeys and multicolored macaws.

At sunset, the magic finally works: the authentic surroundings become magnificent. The setting sun sets the trees and the thousands of creepers in the dense forest ablaze. Dozens of red ibis take flight and the pirogues flit by. And all of this amazing spectacle from behind a rum punch. You could almost be forgiven for not noticing that your boat was drifting off - again!

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