Atlantic ocean

Meeting with the Moon in the last Breton lagoon.

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Since the launch of our brand-new Rackham 32 in April 2017, the weather and the time available haven’t allowed us to recharge our batteries in this last Breton lagoon.

During the All Saints’ Day holiday, we set off in the direction of the Glenan Archipelago as a family, with our two children (9 and 5 years old).

A last sail before the haul-out, a perfect last sail…

The Golfe du Morbihan, Groix and the archipelago on a perfect course under spinnaker, accompanied by a beautiful Breton sun and wonderful light.

The arrival via the Chenal de la Pie and its anchorage was epic, with fog thick enough to cut with a knife.

A walk on the beach with the children while the wind got rid of this pea-souper, and cleared to blue sky once again.

We then had an appointment with the Moon…



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