Oceanus, a transat after 30 years, for the first Catana 40

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“Our cruise began with Madeira, then the Canaries and the Cape Verde Islands. Next we crossed the Atlantic, in December, taking 15 days to reach Martinique, where the whole family was reunited for Christmas. We spent the next five months exploring the West Indies, from Grenada to the BVI. At Rodney Bay in St.Lucia, “Oceanus”, the first Catana, had a chance meeting with “Père Jo”, which is none other than Outremer number one! An historic moment, where these two pioneers had no choice but to pose for posterity, confirming the longevity of these boats which are now seen as the fore-runners of daggerboard catamarans. At the end of May we left St. Martin for the return Atlantic crossing. During our passage to the Azores, which took two weeks, we lost a rudder! With the help of Clube Naval in Horta, a replacement was fitted. We are forever grateful to them for allowing us to use their facilities. Thank you! At 30 years of age (she was built in 1985), “Oceanus” has fulfilled her role, despite a few technical issues. Aboard, the family was very much at ease, thanks especially to being completely self-sufficient for water as well as electricity. This allowed us to discover and explore some of nature’s fabulous little spots, for diving, surfing and fishing and the many trails we walked. And of course, a year without winter has left us with many happy memories.”
Alberto and Daniel on board Oceanus

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