One Life - A stopover in Mauritius

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Our last publication was two years ago, in Multihulls World #172, when we were stuck in Madagascar. But what a privilege it was to be there when the whole world was at a standstill or almost! Since then, we have sailed several thousand miles. We left Madagascar from the north and stopped at various islands in the Seychelles archipelago, before arriving in Mahé. We stayed there for a month to refit the boat, and we took the opportunity to make some improvements, especially on the sugarscoops. We then headed for the Mascarene Islands, Reunion and Mauritius. Today we would like to share with you a little corner of Mauritius: the jewel of the south-western tip of the island, Le Morne Brabant. We reached it by a channel, where we were often accompanied by dolphins. The anchorage is fairly rough, and as a surfer, nice, manageable waves are just what Steph wants. We anchored at a depth of 10 feet/3 meters in this translucent lagoon. A ray often came to shelter under the hull. Le Morne is also known for its underwater waterfall, a rather surprising geological phenomenon: a sand waterfall that starts from the bottom of the abyss creates a waterfall effect with several shades of blue. Ashore, it’s the shades of green which take our breath away. The landscapes of this imposing, historic mountain are wonderful. It was a refuge for runaway slaves, a symbolic place therefore of freedom and sacrifice.

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