Atlantic ocean in Guiana

Published on 01 february 2015 at 0h00

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“Our first stopover was Cayenne, at Dégrade de Canes, a river with brown water and a strong current...just what we don’t like. We dragged once, and remained on the alert for the rest of the time. To our pleasant surprise, there was radiant sunshine and an azure sky every day, which contradicted the reputation of a rainy, damp country. However the town of Cayenne itself didn’t make a memorable impact on us. We then left for the Iles du Salut, with coconut trees, a sea which was so clear and a complete contrast with the brown waters of the river, and wild animals. This little string of three islands just 8 miles from the Kourou river, a historic place, won over our travellers’ hearts. We had all heard about Seznec, Dreyfus, and above all Papillon, immortalized by Steve McQueen.
Saint Joseph was the fate of incorrigible convicts. Total isolation, absolute silence. Any noise, even ...

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