Sailing4handicap : Atlantic crossing is done !

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At first we moved to the Canary Island, where we took care of every detail on the boat, in order to avoid finding ourselves in danger in the middle of the Ocean. Then we left the safe waters of Las Palmas harbour direction Caribbean: a new feeling took place in our hearts. A mix of tension, adrenalin, respect and curiosity only big events are full of. We watched in our eyes, gave a last caress to our Imagine and set the sails: 2800 miles, infinite blue, waves, sun, wind, were waiting for us. The first 7 days have been a calm approach to the cross, we could set our spinnaker. The sun was shining and the nights were mild. Sailing with an average speed of 6 knots, we thought to make it in time for X-MAS. Everyday schools of dolphins came to visit us and play with the boat, maybe curious to see which beautiful orange big fish was swimming out there. When the wind left us we turned on the engines, but after two days, a little conservative with the fuel consumption, we turned everything off and wait for the wind. This has been an incredibly magical moment! Staying in the middle of the Atlantic, the water still like a mirror, we could play with a big old turtle, fish from the boat really tasty Mahi Mahi fishes and watch movies at night simply covered by a sheet of stars. Then the wind came to knock again to our door, ...

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