Saltimbanques des Flots (SDF): Sailors' Wives

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They aren't women sailors in the sporting sense of the word. They also aren't just any old crew member, rather travelling companions who will do just about anything to preserve their holidaying lifestyle, alongside a sailor who is often as content as...a fish in water. There are obviously exceptions. I can think of two women who any sailor would be pleased to have on board, but who, through their gentleness, simplicity and good humor are also great friends of women. Wow! They're young obviously and beautiful. One can fix a drive belt in an air chamber, the other climbs up the mast in a howling gale to replace a pulley. One cuts her husband's hair whilst dictating lessons to her three children; the other has a very young girl and a baby living with her on her ageing monohull! Of course they are both experts when it comes to sailing, engineering, electricity and plumbing. They should by rights annoy all women; however we are simply in awe of their prowess. However, the majority of female sailors don't have their fiery temperament or their skills. They have decided to follow the man they love. Most women hate the following: sailing at night, strong winds and big waves, long journeys, their sailor's grease-stained hands, choppy moorings and difficult disembarkations in dinghies. On the other hand, they tend to enjoy: gentle sailing; calm moorings on clear, lagoon waters; stopovers and island visits, meeting other people and sharing experiences; breakfasting with a sea view and communicating with children and parents via internet. We meet like-minded people and form new friendships. I've also had the chance to talk to female lawyers, judges, fashion ...

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