Sea View: and we’re off!

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Our favorite moments. Camille: “the little dolphins who jumped high out of the water on our crossing to Madeira”. Manon: “the two little turtles and the bouncy castles on the water at Cascais”. Sophie: “After a two and a half day crossing, seeing La Corunna poking its head up, and then stopping there after our little trip across the water”. Jules: “Stepping ashore at La Corunna, which meant that our first trip of several days had been successfully achieved”.
Our least favorite moments: Camille: ”Being sick 5 times in a row on our sail toward Cap Finisterre. I really felt ill”. Manon: “the crossing to Cascais when the boat was really moving a lot”. Sophie: ”the first time the bobstay released in 25 knots of wind, breaking the bowsprit and letting the gennaker flog in all that wind”. Jules: “when the gennaker packed up”.
Our favorite places: Camille: “Cascais, where we did loads of cool stuff, including the maritime museum”. Manon: “Ensenada de Barra when we went fishing on the rocks”. Sophie: “The roofless Carmo Convent in Lisbon”. Jules: “The wild coastline to the north of Nazaré, Portugal”.
What we miss most after a month: Camille: “my friends and the house, especially my bedroom”. Manon: “my friends and gymnastics”. Sophie: “a good internet connection for Skype”. Jules: “an internet connection”.
The most unusual thing we have done this month: Camille: ”seeing a marlin swimming on the surface”. Manon: “fishing for starfish”. Sophie: “calling the home-schooling department and explaining for the umpteenth time what we are doing, and hearing the response, “oh, so you are transients”! which is not totally untrue”. Jules: “getting in the dinghy to go buy bread”.
Camille, Manon, Sophie & Jules abord Sea View.

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