The Profité Family : Stopover In Ibiza

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We arrived in the Escanar anchorage and found that we were the only boat there. This was a very pleasant change after all the other busy Mediterranean stopovers. Under a hot sun we walked to the local market, which is a bit too commercial for our liking. We spent three days relaxing in this family seaside resort. We filled our days with swimming and evenings on the beach. The water was 30°, so wasn’t really refreshing. On the beach we met some lovely people, notably a British family who we spent some time with: while I was washing the little ones at the beach showers, the captain was filling up jerrycans with water from the other shower (whenever we find any fresh water will fill our tanks). A man asked him what he was doing as he had observed him from the bar, coming and going. We spent a good part of the evening with him and his lovely family. The next day we welcomed them on board for a visit to our floating home. The mother showed us how to make chapatis (traditional Indian thin flour breads cooked in an iron pan). The recipe is really simple. At last a recipe to replace our normal bread. Every evening we picked up buoys or beach toys on the beach that had been left there by holidaymakers that day. Here’s a list of what we picked up on the beach on three evenings: seven big life buoys ; one inflatable kid’s life jacket; a raquet ball set; a ball; beach games, a parasol and two beach mats. We will be able to offer a good selection of stuff to our friends!

Who:  Geoffrey, Cindy, Mya, Tylio, Aliyah & Cassy

Boat: Saint Francis 44

Where: Around the world


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