Atlantic ocean

Tolimara: a sabbatical year in a Catana 47. Nice, don’t you think?

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Our Atlantic circuit emerged little by little, through discussions as a family, among friends, and with the cruisers we met at the boat shows. We have to admit that we left with much greater ambitions in terms of stopovers and destinations, with among others, the Panama Canal, so we could go over to where people live upside down! On the chart, it’s not as far as all that, but that’s forgetting that we aren’t going by plane, but by boat…

We came back down to earth when we understood that to enjoy a round the world trip to the full, you need to take 2 to 3 years, or even more. We are therefore leaving for an Atlantic circuit (with a bit of the Mediterranean to start with). Our aim is above all not to rush, to stop when required to by the weather, our wishes or our encounters. After, we’ll see if our imagined route will correspond to our real one. For this sabbatical year, we have chartered a Catana 47, built in 2010, but with the interior and the equipment completely renewed. We left at the beginning of August, heading for the Balearics, in the company of some friends who came to spend the first two weeks with us. After two weeks, we are feeling positive. We are going to leave behind the little annoyances at the start and leave to explore new lands: Majorca, Ibiza, Formentera in the Balearics, then the south of Spain and Morocco, the Canaries. Our aim is to be in Cape Verde towards the middle of November, to cross to the West Indies at the beginning of December.

Who: Thomas, Lisa, Mathilde and Raphaël: The TOLIMARAS

Boat: Pouplier 3, Catana 47

Where: Around the Atlantic


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