Quiz: Are you cut out for a voyage in a catamaran?

Published on 20 july 2010 at 0h00

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1- The voyage is a real way of life. But we all have a very personal way of describing it. So, how would you describe it?

a) You are a fan of National Geographic magazine. You have a subscription, and you have never missed an issue... The best way of travelling comfortably.
b) Last year, you visited Scotland and even took a two-hour boat trip on Loch Ness. But you didn't see the famous monster. Another time, perhaps?  
c) You leave at least once a year to go to the other side of the world. You cannot envisage life without discovering other people, their culture and their way of life...

2- Ah, boats. What pleasure! But there is also the corollary: seasickness... What are you like?

a) You get seasick just watching the start of the Route du Rhum on the television... Your memories of each of your boat trips have a taste of vomit. But apparently, it disappears after a few days!  
b) Just like almost everyone, you suffer from seasickness. But it never lasts for long, and after a few days you are as dynamic as ever.
c) What sickness? On your last trip, in heavy weather, you had a vague nauseous feeling, but after a good snack and a glass of red wine, you were fine again...

3- During a long voyage by boat, you are surrounded by...water. And the sea, what do you think of it?

a) The sea, is that that blue, salty expanse of water? Obviously you are familiar with it, you watch all the TV programmes about it...
b) You dream about it... You live more than 500km from the sea, and ...

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