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Aquilon 7.65 : The Micro cat of the third

Multihulls World presented in its December 93 issue, the Aquilon 7.65 which was one of the revelations of the nautical industry, not only in France, but also worldwide, because of its unusual design and its build quality. I was able, during a world premier, to test it with all the interest that such a subject deserves, especially when one is personnally an adept of Micro Class multihulls, which are steadily progressing in popularity in France as in the rest of Europe and also in other parts of the world too. The main attraction of the Aquilon is, for its size, its habitability, absolutely unequaled below 8 meters among catamarans and even certain small trimarans. Add to this modern standard of comfort, a speed potential that only well designed and built multihulls can guarantee. 

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