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Bali 4.2 - As ever, more comfort and more flattering finishes

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It’s been five years since the Bali range began to make a name for itself, with the Bali 4.5. The DNA of the brand remains unchanged: maximum volume and pleasure, ease of use, disappearance of the internal/external boundary on demand... As for the new models, they follow each other tightly in a row, with 2 to 4 a year! The 4.2 is replacing the 4.3 and the 4.5. And its finish is much more polished than its predecessors.

In terms of overall design, there have been few changes to the coachroof: the nacelle is still topped by a large roof overhang. The hulls have numerous openings integrated into a black reveal - note the double function of longitudinal reinforcement and rain shield. The hulls feature bows that are stubby and inverted. If you find that the different Balis all look a little too similar to be easily identified, you should be able to recognize the new 4.2 every time: it is - for the moment - the only model in the range with a spreader-less rig. The aluminum mast is slightly bigger in fore-and-aft section to ensure optimum stiffness with a pair of cap-shrouds and lowers. This formula has the advantage, at comparable weight and cost, of simplifying the setting-up of the standing rigging and improving aerodynamics. Some might suggest that the windage of a Bali is large enough that airflow through the rig might not make much difference... well, it does! This detail shows the extreme care that has been taken during the development of each model. Another common misconception is that the Bali is only of interest to charterers. Not true! The last few months of the pandemic have put a stop to...

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