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Bali 4.4 - Hedonism ensured

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This new 4.4 is in some ways a replacement for the Bali 4.3, but particularly the 4.5, the very first model in the Bali range. Aboard this catamaran, more than ever dedicated to comfort and family vacations, all the attributes of the Bali DNA are to be found - tilting door, opening side bay windows, rigid foredeck, and large chilled capacity. As a bonus, with the size of this model being closer to the 4.6 than the 4.4, there is a forward door, a flybridge and aft platform.


Test location: La Rochelle, France
Conditions: North-easterly 8 to 15 knots, very light chop

We got the chance to try this new Bali as a preview... and very early in the season, too. But that didn’t prevent us from enjoying the hedonistic spirit intended by the designers of this catamaran. But it wasn’t all easy: persistent fog, freezing temperatures and especially frosty ropes didn’t make for very inviting sailing! On the dock, Boris Compagnon, Sales Director of Catana Group, and Kahina Oussadi, from their communication department, showed no discouragement: they came up with a few spare electric heaters and hooked them up to the mains, giving us a few more degrees of warmth inside. Of course, all this meant that we weren’t going to be taking advantage of the “open space” mode, one of the big features on every Bali model. No, this time we were keeping everything closed! And I have to admit that this “winter” configuration is also very convincing - the XXL area of the nacelle and the big windows are very pleasing.

As soon as the gennaker is unfurled, it turbocharges this platform that was designed primarily for comfort.
The outboard chines and the 45° angle of the inboard topsides provide maximum agility while maintaining favorable waterline beam.



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