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The Danish, Skaerbaek-based builder is continuing the renewal and modernisation of its folding trimarans. The 28' has replaced the 920 family, the 35' has taken its position at the top of the range; the Dragonfly 32' meets pertinently the demands of intermediate programmes, for which the 28' is too small and the luxurious 35', too expensive.

Quorning Boats: trimaran manufacture since 1981

We described in detail the career of Quorning, father and son, when we tested the 35' (Multihulls World n° 98). This second visit confirmed the observations made in 2007. Jens is completely in control of this open-plan factory on a human scale. He manages the manufacturing and is in charge of conception and design. His training (with Dick Newick, amongst others, where he took part in the construction of ROGUE WAVE and PAT'S) has made him an authentic craftsman, who pays attention to all the elements making up these multihulls with such complex kinematics. He is also an accomplished architect, who has created his own style and draws on a rich past as a top-level racer (European F20 champion) and demanding sailor (his father, Borge was the creator of the first Dragonflies). The organisation of the work is rigorous and methodical; it corresponds to the almost caricatured image of efficiency that we have in Western Europe. The various workshops communicate with each other, but each cell can be shut off by watertight sliding doors. The insulation, heating, ventilation and dust extraction are taken care of by powerful, efficient equipme...

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