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Lagoon SIXTY 7: (Almost) affordable luxury

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The success seen by the large-size yacht range from manufacturer Lagoon, world leader in the cruising multihull sector, logically encourages the release of new models like this SIXTY 7, unveiled last September at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The world of luxury yachting is now available under 70 feet. So, this ‘other world’ is starting to become more accessible, without forgoing the attributes and services specific to this class. 

Why not let the generous and rational features of the Lagoon Seventy 8 (see test in MW161) benefit a significantly smaller model? The idea would be to offer superyacht standards to a few more privileged people... This is the thinking anyway, and it’s well supported by the demand of Lagoon 630 MY customers wishing to take advantage of the world of this recent range that the yard teams have developed. Targeting a wider customer base, means demand could be stronger: the manufacturer based in Bordeaux (France) has organized itself accordingly. Thus, the hangars dedicated to the building of CNBs were requisitioned, taking advantage of the relocation of monohull production to Monte Carlo Yachts in Italy. In these dedicated workshops, hulls, nacelles, decks and superstructures are produced in glass/balsa/vinylester sandwich under infusion in about ten days. Finishing takes eight to ten weeks; the buyer can expect to see his multihull in the water four to five months after signing on the dotted line. A very short deadline, which is rather unusual in the luxury sector.

A very successful development

When producing a fully custom yacht, a large part of the time is devoted to the choice of fittings and finishes. In this field, the experience acquired over many decades makes it possible to anticipate customer demand in most cases. What is time-consuming in the workshops is not the final rendering of extreme quality but the uncertainty about this rendering, if it hasn’t been predetermined. “But at this level, the customer must have the choice to configure the boat as they wish”, explains Martina Torrini, the Project Manager. So, the customer’s requests have been anticipated with multiple options and possibilities such as the 12m² (130 sq ft) galley installed in a hull or on deck. Three to six guest cabins and as many private bathrooms, a 16 m² (170 sq ft) Master suite or twin beds, crew quarters, skipper’s cabin and a water-toys compartment are conceived and industrially pre-designed. All types of programs and users find their solutions, and the absence of surprises during assembly avoids any time wastage. The same goes for the interior decor. In order to guide customers through the labyrinthine juxtaposition of different types of wood, fabrics, curtains, carpets, linen and upholstery, atmospheres have been created for both interior and on deck. Three finishes in wood, light oak or grey oak and walnut are suitable for pre-established decorations - Nomad, Pure or Fusion - as well as a combination developed in partnership with Sunbrella, among the dozens of possible references. The 24-hour onboard concept, inspired by the influences of light and sunlight during the day, guided the choice of five different atmospheres. “Of course, you can always make your own selection and create a unique boat from the catalogue” adds Martina, “But that’s only happened twice!” In the same spirit, the technical equipment provided as standard to maintain the energy supply is sized in line with the fitting of ‘comfort’ equipment. This is evidenced by the ONAN 13.5 kWA generator, the battery bank of more than 1,000 Ah, two 36 L (9.5 US gal)/min water pumps, two 80 L (21 US gal) water heaters, gray and black water tanks of 510 L (135 US gal) - and more if you pay extra. In short, enough to easily power the many options such as 120,000 BTU air conditioning, a wine cellar, a coffee machine and of course screens in each cabin. The stated aim is to offer a hotel lifestyle, somewhat as if you had stayed ashore. The galley can be fully equipped with Miele premium appliances including a 400-liter (14.1 cu ft) refrigerator and a 200-liter (7 cu ft) freezer. And there’s no worries about taking showers - a 280 L (74 US gal)/h watermaker will replenish the 1,000 L (265 US gal) fresh water supply daily.

A palace on the water

The objective is to offer guests an unforgettable time on the water. And this has every chance of being achieved. In the end, anything that might seem like an inconvenience due to nautical constraints is erased. Thus, the king size beds of the cabins are at a standard height (70-80 cm/28-32”) thanks to a step - a pronounced gullwing profile under the nacelle that doesn’t interfere with the boat’s seakeeping. The staircase leading to the flybridge is straight, gently sloping and well surrounded by handrails. The same goes for the companionway into the cabins. Each area has its own refrigerator to have cold drinks, whether you are on the flybridge, the foredeck or in the aft cockpit. The available space is synonymous with ease and luxury. At no time do you hesitate. Moving about from one living space to another has been carefully thought out for the greatest comfort. So, the galley benefits from a double access, and the standard of finish here will be an excuse for the owner to come and have a coffee. Each bathroom has a shower stall. The Master even has a separate toilet. This suite with its double access includes a library-desk, a sofa and a double wash basin. Particular attention has been paid to lighting. LEDs run through the shelves and equipment to create a cozy atmosphere and the ceiling lights are “Iguzzini” black lights that highlight the colors without reflecting. The audio and TV system also features in all the cabins and in the saloon. The “signature sound system” option developed by Waterfall especially for the SIXTY 7 is worthy of a recording studio. In the saloon, the giant screen rotates from the ceiling while in the cabins it rises from the chest of drawers in front of the bed. Everything, absolutely everything, is done to remind you of the soft and cozy atmosphere of the most beautiful hotels. The faultless exteriors are not to be outdone with “Tribu” furniture which can be placed on the flybridge and on the foredeck.


Transatlantic in style

It’s time to enjoy this luxury under way: we’re offered an outing off Barcelona where a well-established northeasterly wind is kicking up quite a chop. Our catamaran is equipped with the most powerful Yanmar engine option with 2 x 440 HP. The cameras integrated in the flybridge are convenient for maneuvering. With a beam of 10 m (33’), it is indeed difficult to see on each side and astern at the same time. In this turbulent sea, the platform demonstrates its stability qualities. The passage is smooth, and you have to exceed fifteen knots into the sea for the foredeck to get wet. Under normal cruising conditions, at a speed of 8 to 9 knots, well installed on the sofa and with the bay window closed, your perception of the elements is almost non-existent. Better yet, you can enjoy a live concert, just as if you were there, as the sound system invades with volume. You really have to look at the landscape to realize that you are not in Carnegie Hall... but close your eyes and you are there. At this rate, with consumption limited to 15 liters (4 US gal)/h, you can cross the Atlantic by living as you would in a very nice apartment of more than 120m² (1,300 sq ft). Coastal cruising in flat water will consume about 120 liters (32 US gal)/h at 15 knots with the same comfort and auditorium conditions indoors for almost 700 miles. At stopovers, the hydraulic platform – home to a 4.60 m (15’) tender - once lowered provides superb access to the water. The large flybridge that can be converted as desired or the huge foredeck will be a good reason to invite many friends or simply to enjoy your privacy.


The brand's loyal customers, regular motor yacht or sailing yacht enthusiasts and even novices, reassured by the natural stability, will all be seduced by being able to access the space, luxury and comfort features compared to those of her big sister but for only two thirds of the price. Cruising can be very intimate with three cabins and five-star facilities, or more festive with six cabins and the dance floor, or family getaways. Everything is possible. The concept has hit the nail on the head, with about twenty lucky chosen ones who have already placed their orders.


-        Impressive silhouette and outstanding habitability

-        Everything is designed for five-star comfort

-        Very competitive price/features ratio



-        None available until 2021

-        Requires an experienced professional crew

-        No helming pleasure


Multihulls World figures

Seatrial location: Barcelona

Conditions for our boat test: choppy sea, 13 to 15 knots of wind, fuel 30%, water 40%

Motors: 2 x 440 hp Yanmar, Vetus bowthruster option with flybridge joystick

Engine speed      Speed                   Consumption     Efficiency                          Range

RPM                    in knots               L (US gal)/hr     L (US gal) / nm                 (nm)


1 000                    6.6                        9 (2.37)                1.36 (0.36)                         4,050

1 500                    9.5                        20 (5.28)              2.10 (0.55)                         2,620

2 000                    11.7                      45 (11.9)              3.46 (0.92)                         1,590

2 500                    12.9                      90 (23.8)              6.97 (1.84)                         790

3 000                    16.5                      145 (38.3)           8.78 (2.32)                         626

3 350                    20.1                      180 (47.6)           8.95 (2.36)                         614

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