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N° 170

March / April
Multihulls World #170

Multihulls World

Issue #: 170

Published: March / April 2020

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N° 170 – March/April 2020

Sailboat tests

78 Aventura 44

84 New Nautitech 46 Open

90 Eagle Class 53

102 Second-hand: Hélia 44


Power test

96 Lagoon SIXTY 7



56 South Africa: the other multihull country



24 Postcards

32Menjangan – Indonesia

42 A summer on the US East Coast


Charter destination

34 Saint Lucia


Chronicle around the world

50 Réunion Island



64 Multihulls Match – hybrid motors

68 Catamaran basics: eating well on board

72 Diagnostic: davits



18 Miami Boat Show



6 Downwind

9 The photographer’s eye

13 News from the pontoons

21 Shopping

31 Readers’ spots

106 Classifieds

114 Who’s who: Jimmy Cornell



Paris is already in last year’s wake; Düsseldorf is barely finished and we're already on our way to Miami where around forty multihulls are waiting for us... One thing is clear: our two or three-hulled boats are built, presented and sold all over the world. Ever-more. Never before have so many multihulls been moored up at the Miami Marine Stadium. At the same time, the South African shipyards are producing catamarans with an increasingly flattering finish, Aquila are expanding their factory in China, and CNB-Lagoon, in Bordeaux (France), have pushed monohulls out elsewhere, to devote themselves exclusively to building catamarans over 50 feet. Everywhere, there’s the same enthusiasm, the will to innovate, new models, and not forgetting the interest in powercats. Undeniably, multihulls have the trade winds in their sails. Uncomplicated by the old ways of learning to sail, they are attracting more and more boaters, seduced by the comfort, the absence of heeling and the ease of handling. Owners who sail, cross oceans, discover new lands - tropical or icy. Sailors who charter a multihull for a week or two in a paradise archipelago. The world is definitely beautiful... and roundly suited to multihulls!

Emmanuel van Deth / Editor in chief


Once upon a time…

Here at Multihulls World, we love stories. And even more so to pass them on, which explains the countless cruising stories that you’ve been able to read in our pages since the magazine's creation in 1985...

But this may be one of the most beautiful stories we've ever told you:

The other day, an old man walks into the office of one of the boating charities we like to support, puts a cardboard box on the desk of the person in charge and leaves as simply as he came in.

In the box, a little note: “Here’s what I’ve put aside over the last few years, I am sure today you’ll make good use of it”. Accompanying the note is 18,000 euros in 20-euro bills!

A gesture all the more beautiful, as it was, and will remain, anonymous.

Thank you to all of you who enable charities and associations to live and help others; the solidarity of seafarers is definitely not in vain!

Gerbert Rambaud - Managing Director of Jours de Passion

Jean-Christophe Guillaumin - Captain of Multihulls World

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