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LEOPARD 43 - A 100% charter catamaran... that’s perfect for owners!

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An excellent all-purpose platform, the Leopard 43 meets all or almost all programs with a budget that remains reasonable. Strong and well thought out, this catamaran is the perfect base for an upgrade or a refit. A family seeking to head off blue water cruising will find what they’re looking for aboard this boat.

The Leopard 43 was an evolution of the 42: the specifications are clearly aimed at the charter industry, with the 4-cabin version operated under the name Moorings 4300, but a Leopard version with three cabins (ie. with the famous Owner’s hull) was also available, initiating a combined charter/owner positioning. At the front of the nacelle, no forward door – this first appeared in 2010 with the 43’s replacement, the Leopard 44.

Balsa and honeycomb

The Leopard 43 is built in a balsa/glass/polyester sandwich. Only the deck-hull joins, the chines and the skeg keels are in monolithic. The deck/hull connections are glued, bolted, and laminated at strategic points. The bulkheads are glued to the hulls. The core is made of balsa, chosen over foam because of its resistance. The yard used honeycomb structure to reduce the weight in certain non-structural parts, such as the large heads compartment bulkhead. The application is classic vacuum: gelcoat and resin are applied without spraying, which reduces the use of solvent, air bubbles, and allows better control of the thickness. The cloth is impregnated by contact, with bubbles carefully pushed out by hand to remove air and excess resin. ...

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