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If our magazine has been called Multihulls World since 1989, it is not for nothing. The example of the Corsair 880 test that’s been finally published in this issue, sums up our “worldwide” approach. After launching (already) more than two years ago, the sales team at Corsair Marine planned the first tests of its new three-hulled sailboat on Lake Garda, in northern Italy. But then Covid arrived and with it came its share of industrial disorganization, travel restrictions, and so forth. The event was moved to Austria or Germany... then to Italy again before being cancelled indefinitely. But this wasn’t enough to discourage us. Our journalists have been at the ready: Kevin Green on standby in Australia, while Dominic Salander has been keeping a lookout in the United States. We did miss a few models here and there – there was one in Texas, one on the US East Coast, in France and elsewhere... But in April, a social media post made mention of a Corsair 880 being delivered to Trimarani Italia, a distributor based in Follonica, just across from Elba Island. This one, hull #16, was to be the one!

Far be it from us to limit ourselves, whether out of laziness, comfort or habit, to just one coastal region or even one country. At Multihulls World, we track down every multihull on all the sea and oceans of the world.

Come aboard with us!


Emmanuel van Deth - Editor in Chief

Gerbert Rambaud - CEO of Jours de Passions




Corsair 880
Tanna 47
Catana Ocean Class


Fountaine Pajot Owners Rendez-Vous

Rapido Trimarans

The Java Sea
ARC + Mindelo/Grenada

Multihull basics: bending on sails

Leopard 43

The photographer’s eye
News from the builders
Multipower news
Multiyacht news
Multi forever green
News from the pros
Guide to the fall boat shows
List of boat tests
Who’s who: Xavier Bouin 

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