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Garnet 300 HT Fly - Optimized for fishing

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Open powercats are much more popular - for the moment - in the United States than in Europe and many manufacturers are expanding their ranges to meet this promising market. Garnet Offshore, for its part, was born only a few years ago in Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro, and offers two models, the 270 and the 300. We got to try out the larger of the two in its Flybridge version with a second helm station.
Test location: Arcachon, France
Conditions: Wind – southeast 5 to 8 knots / Sea state - slight

The first impression of the Garnet 300 is one of lots of power contained in a compact size. The designers have indeed drawn a rather narrow but well-defended powercat: the beam is, in fact, less than 10 feet (3 m) but the maximum freeboard reaches 3’9” (1.14 m). The very pronounced deck sheer is even accentuated by the topsides that plunge down toward the after part of the hull. Stopped in the water, the hull reaches its maximum height in the forward third, while the aft section is only 31” (80 cm) from the surface. The hulls have two chines in the upper part that limit the spray and dampen the pitching in bigger seas. The two-tone grey and white livery, enhanced by an orange waterline stripe, is very successful.

Weather and sea conditions at their best!

This was one boat test where we were really lucky: we’d been invited to discover the Garnet 300 HT Fly in the heart of the Arcachon Basin on France’s west coast. It’s a unique stretch of water nestled between dunes, pines and of course the ocean - it is accessed through a channel that can be rough if swell and headwinds get t...

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