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December / January

Multihulls World

Issue #: SP19

Published: December / January 2023

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A Power Special Issue in calmer conditions

I’ve always thought that defending the world of sailors against the world of motorboats - and vice-versa - was a vain and fruitless task. In reality, most of us practice or have practiced both types of boating. There’s no shortage of examples among our readers of how categories change. In the same way, a circulation exists between monohull and multihull enthusiasts, after all... Well, yes, but this is Multihulls World magazine. So, of course, our heritage, for nearly 40 years, has put us firmly in the domain of blue water cruising, far away destinations... And why shouldn’t multipowers have anything to do with warm waters? For the past 20 years, this market has been a bit slow, overshadowed by the great manufacturers of single-hull cabin-cruisers. But today, with a dynamic of “living well on the water”, the multihull formula is flourishing and so, is imposing itself even on the historical manufacturers of monohull cruising boats. We might have feared some ecological slippage, but in the end, many multipower manufacturers have gone forever green - so we are logically introducing a category in this third Power Special Issue, one devoted to multipowers that significantly try to reduce their carbon emissions. Better still: for traditional internal combustion engines, the time has finally come for frugality and sensible use. Many multipowers now assume not to exceed 20 knots and claim great ranges at reduced cruising speeds. Some even propose kite wings to reduce the load on the engines downwind. Sailboat multihulls already have engines... so if multipowers adopted sails, there might be a way we’d all get along, right?

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Emmanuel van Deth
Editor in Chief

Gerbert Rambaud
CEO of Jours de Passions



Under 30 feet
30 to 40 feet
40 to 50 feet
50 to 60 feet
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Over 70 feet
Forever Green


Garnet 300 HT Fly
Invincible 33
Prestige M48
Iliad 62


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Limiting your fuel consumption


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