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2023 Power Buyer's Guide - Forever Green

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Electric flight for anyone

This modern and futuristic pocket catamaran allows anyone to fly above the water thanks to its four electronically controlled and automatically adjusted foils. These retractable appendages make it easy to leave from a beach or a pontoon, and return to your starting point. The Overboat is capable of a top speed of 15 knots thanks to its 4.5 kW electric motor in the single-seater version. At 12 knots, there’s enough power for 2 hours. The Overboat, which is classified under category D, passes very well through an 18” (0.5 m) chop, which is quite rare for a boat of this size. A “Classic” version, without foils, is also available.

Builder: Neocean 
Length: 10’4” (3.34 m) 
Beam: 4’5” (1.35 m)
Max. draft: 2’7” (0.80 m)
Weight: 330 lbs (150 kg)
Motor: 4.5 kW
Max speed: 10 or 15 knots


Betting on inflatables

At a time when paddleboards and many small boats are now adopting inflatable technology for their construction, the choice of the manufacturer Hovercraft to offer inflatable catamarans is not all that radical... The models available today are somewhat smaller than the first 8.30 that we discovered in January 2020 at Boot Düsseldorf. We’re taking a look at the Big Six, which has 130 square feet (12 m²) of usable space on deck and another 65 sq ft (6 m²) up top, and can sleep six.

Manufacturer: Hovercraft
Length: 19’8” (6.00 m)
Waterline length: 16’8” (5.07 m)
Beam: 10’2” (3.10 m)
Light displacement: 990 lbs (450 kg)
Max power: 8 kW
Max speed: 13 knots


Open and electric

This power catamaran is original in more ways than one. First of all, the construction is in epoxy plywood, then, it has an open deck - no cabin - and it offers efficient electric motors. During our test, we easily reached 10 knots and were able to appreciate the hull’s excellent passage through the chop. The different power options will allow you to optimize speed or range. We’re really keen to see how new and even more efficient battery technologies will provide high performance for longer!

Builder: Bagoù Boats 
Overall length: 24’1” (7.35 m)
Beam: 9’1” (2.77m)
Draft: 18” (0.45 m)
Light displacement: 1,875 lbs (850 kg)
CE Category: C10/D12
Construction: Plywood epoxy 
Electric motors: 2 x 2/6/10/50 kW
Batteries: 10 kW/h to 60 kW/h
Max internal combustion engines: 2 x 75 HP


Designed for daytrip use

Austrian boat builder Frauscher specializes in high-end craft - their catalog includes 5 different models of runabout and 4 boats with central console. The company is also well established in the electric boat market with 4 models... What is new, though, is that Frauscher are moving into catamarans, with the TimeSquare 20! This day boat is designed for navigating on protected ...

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