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Corsair F-28

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The F-28 test took us to Saint-Malo (Brittany, France), where we met Guy Albaret, director of La Landriais Marines Services shipyard, which imports the Corsair trimaran line into France. The F-24, F-31, and now the F-28, designed by Ian Farrier, are made near San Diego, California. We may find ourselves, along the French coastlines, crossing, or perhaps being passed by one of the 35 Corsair F-series trimarans sailing there regularly

A Real Trailerable Multihull

In fact, the F-28's true role is to succeed the F-27, 450 of which were built. At first glance, you might not necessarily spot the difference with respect to any other sports cruising trimaran. There is nothing in the boat’s general appearance to suggest it is a trailerable folding trimaran. A closer look and a demonstration shows that it takes one person alone little more than 2 minutes to fold both cross arms holding the amas, almost effortlessly, so that the F-28 can be trailered easily. Three steps prepare an F-28 for trailering: 1. Releasing the shrouds through a lever system at the base of each shroud 2. Disconnecting the four lock bolts on the cross arms 3. Raising the cross-beams to fold the amas against the hulls very easily thanks to a patented system The side trampolines move with the amas to come alongside the central hull. This is a really surprising operation, except for those already familiar with Corsair trimarans. The F-24, F-27 and F-31 have been using this mechanism for ten years now. This goes to show the reliability, robustness and functionality of the folding system. Consequently, this is a 6 meters wide trimaran tha...

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