Sabbatical year - What if you tried chartering?

Published on 01 august 2010 at 0h00

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Why buy a catamaran to re-sell it, when the aim is only to use the boat over a maximum period of 9 to 12 months. In the case of a purchase then a re-sale, you will have to remember to include all the additional expenses, such as the trips to visit different boats, preparation, maintenance, leasing and of course the re-sale costs. Because after the sabbatical year, you will have to re-sell the catamaran, which takes time and costs money... Depending on the period, these sums vary enormously. In the large panel of the magazine's readers, there are those who have re-sold their boat even before the end of their trip, at the price they bought it for or even more, when they have equipped and maintained it well. But there are also those who have sometimes taken up to two years to re-sell their catamaran...and lost a significant amount of money!  
As regards long-term charter, you must remember that the sum you don't tie up in the deposit when buying your catamaran can be invested advantageously, even if today the returns offered by the banks are not really attractive...  In addition, you don't have to burden yourself with a boat and the cost of a harbour berth, insurance and surveillance before and after your voyage...  All of which is not insignificant. But as there is another side to every coin, you will not have a choice of the boat or its equipment.  


The principle is very simple: in return for a sum defined in advance with the charter ...

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