Quizz: Which is the best boat for you?

Deep down, you know it: the multihull is THE best boat for you! Yes, but which one? A latest generation Multi50 to take part in the next Rhum? A comfortable cat to go and enjoy the West Indian anchorages? Or a seaworthy cat or trimaran to go and visit the ice in Spitsbergen or confront the williwaws in Patagonia? To find out, all you have to do is answer the following questions truthfully...

1 – For you, a boat is:

A: A pleasant means of transport which allows you to live your dream of travelling...

B: Your passion, your reason for living and your ultimate pleasure on this pretty blue planet, which you like exploring in all directions...

C: A rocket, pleasure in its purest form, an adrenaline machine… A machine capable of covering over 300 miles in a day, in normal conditions, and with which you can do 20 knots if necessary.

2 – The voyage is:

A: A dream, an aim, a real necessity. The means aren't important; it's the result which counts.

B: A means of enjoying your boat to the full and living at sea!

C: Isn't that the strange moment between the start and finish of a transatlantic race?

3 – The boat, especially on a long cruise, will also require maintenance work. And that means:

A: It's not the best part of the programme, but we have no choice, it has to be done!

B: Maintaining, preparing, improving, there is always something...

C: Preparation happens before the start; afterwards you just have to know how to deal with the damage!

4 – Meal time!

A: At sea, most of the time is spent preparing and thinking up the next meal… It's the basis of the crew's good morale!

B: The only problem is that at over 10 knots, you can't fish with a trailing line!

C: There has been incredible progress in dehydrated foods in just a few years; they are nice, and easy to stow.

5 – At anchor, you like:

A: To invite all your boat-friends for an aperitif.

B: Get as close as possible to the beach... Hoorah for daggerboards!

C: Arrive first! Nothing is as nice as victory:)

6 – Encounters go with the voyage. What do you think?

A: Why go away if it's not to get to know and exchange with others? It's really an aim to be achieved!

B: We leave to discover other worlds, other cultures and above all, lots of people. The more there are, the better it is.

C: We can't imagine cruising and sailing without exchanging with other sailors. Otherwise, why leave?

7 – A successful manoeuvre is:

A:With all control lines returned to the cockpit; it's so easy, your eldest son looks after them...

B: A moment of pleasure shared with the crew. Well prepared and well executed, manoeuvring brings the crew closer together.

C: A fast manoeuvre executed like a ballet. Aboard, it is a pleasure.

8 – For you, a nice passage is firstly:

A: Memories galore, aperitifs with friends at sunset, warm night watches in the saloon.

B: A crossing with an average speed of over 10 knots, under full sail, even at night…

C: Free the sheets, you're a coward!

9 – In a wonderful world with no time or budget limits, what would be your ideal itinerary?

A: Round the world of course, in 5 years, to enjoy it to the full.

B: Round the world in three years. Once completed, return to our favourite destinations, with more time to enjoy them...

C: No doubt: the Rhum or the English Transat, singlehanded!

10 – Your ideal boat?

A: A boat in which my family feels good and safe, ...

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