Which “sailing destination” are you made for?

We’re all dreaming about it: going to the end of the world for a few days of vacation and enjoying the magnificent idyllic anchorages in lagoons of the far side of the earth.  Only here’s the thing, how to choose the right destination?  Are you more BVI or Seychelles, Thailand or The Grenadines, New Caledonia or Cuba or The Whitsundays?  To find out, you only have to take our test... the best way to choose your next destination!

1- This time it’s decided.  Having been reading Multihulls World, you start making a plan, and consider chartering a cat for the first time this winter.  On your boating resumé, it says:

A: A few lines only summing up day trips on sports cats and some sailing with friends...

B: You have been sailing for a long time and you have already scoured many destinations in monohull. This winter, it will be your first trip on a cat...

C: You are more like the type to have worn out your oilskins from a young age on Optimists before following the traditional route into racing.  You know each rock in your local waters by name and you want to set off and discover new sailing areas.

2- Accustomed to monohulls, you’ll be sailing this winter for the first time on a cat.  What are your main expectations on the cat?

A: Comfort, privacy and living space on board.  You’ve had enough of going down to the cellar every time you need something...

B: You want to make the most of an exceptional vacation. You are going as two families and the cat allows for 8 of you to be comfortable at 8 without needing to charter a huge (and expensive) boat.

C: The objective of your vacation: enjoy the sun and magical anchorages off beaches lined with coconut palms. And to enjoy it, there is no better than the platform than a cat...

3- Chartering is great for the exceptional places you can discover, but we also do it for the sailing!

A: You can imagine yourself alone at the helm of your beautiful cat for a few hours under sail.  A first step towards the absolute dream: one day you will leave for good on your own boat.

B: Sailing is, of course, important.  But the discovery of new areas outweighs the hours under way.

C: The pleasure of sailing remains the main factor in the choice of destination.

4- You want warm this winter?  Very good.  But who do you want to take as crew?

A: Children, grandchildren, family... You are going so you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

B: You like to go with your friends, often the same ones, who every year, keep a week of vacation aside for a nautical getaway.

C: You choose the destination of the year first, then you announce to your friends or family network: Who wants to go sailing in...?

5- In general, when you charter a boat you prefer to:

A: Enjoy life. It’s unbelievable as all of a sudden, hardly on board for a few hours, you seem to be totally disconnected from the “real world”...

B: Discover new cultures and new anchorages.

C: Discover the anchorages you’d been dreaming about after seen them in the pages of a magazine...

6- For your charter this winter, how do you imagine your boat?

A: Comfortable and with a beautiful living space to receive all the tribe you intend to take on board. B: A small draft to be closest to the beaches during the day and a good anchorage to be quiet at night...

C: 4 double cabins to accommodate everyone, a large cockpit to enjoy meals together and a quick boat enabling you to visit the maximum number of anchorages in the week...

7- For a 10 day cruise, you prefer to go:

A: To the sun.

B: To the sun and be able to dive with fins, mask and snorkel and get into the magical colors of the coral reefs.

C: To the sun, and sail in the trade winds...

8- We’re talking about boats and sailing, but what about victualling?

A: The easiest way is to leave it to the charter company.  They are in the habit of doing it and that way we are so sure not to forget anything.

B: How to put it? Victualling is the most crucial point on a cruise.  Finding that one spice you’ve never tasted before…

C: Among your crew, there is a shopping champion who deals with both victualling and preparing amazing dishes. His or her role is so essential, that they are always on your crewlist.  The success of your vacation depends entirely on their talent!

9- For you, a good charter company is above all:

A: One which can advise you on your cruise and how to enjoy it to the full.

B: One who knows their boats well and the sailing area and are able to orient you according to your desires and abilities.

C: One which manages their boats well, so they are therefore perfectly maintained and equipped meaning your cruise will go well!

10- To date, what is your best memory on boat?

A: A tip at 15 knots on a friend’s catamaran. A real shock coming from the monohull world!

B: A week’s BVI cruise. A revelation!

C: The anchorage at World’s End Reef.  An absolute must!



You’ve gotten a maximum of A answers 

Living and sailing on a boat is a dream you have cherished for a long time. For your boating vacation, you prefer to go to destinations recognized for the change of scenery that they offer and the ease sailing, to relax and make the most of it.  Your favorite destination?  The BVI, The Seychelles, The Bahamas for the winter and the Saronic Gulf in Greece in the summer. Destinations where it is easy to anchor (often on mooring buoys) and where the weather is mild.  Perfect for chartering for the first time as a skipper for example!

You got a maximum of B answers

You already have good experience of sailing, and sailing far away. So what about changing from the traditional destinations to dare to try some more exotic ones?  Why not try a little trip to Puerto Rico, the San Blas, the Venezuelan islands or the Whitsundays in Australia?  A deserted anchorage at the end of the world is a great way to escape the crowds and discover other ways of life.  Or why not Thailand?  But whatever destination you choose, don’t forget to send us an article for the magazine!

You got a maximum of C answers

Sailing is a passion that you share with family and friends, as well as discovering the vast world. While waiting to slip the lines “for good” on your own boat, you enjoy visiting the most beautiful destinations of our little blue planet.  What would you say about going to Polynesia this year?  The area is just exceptional and from Tuamotus to the Society Islands, there is enough to see to keep you sailing there for a lifetime. In the “classic” and especially timeless destinations, why not try the Grenadines?  With a beautiful sail down from Martinique, it’s a magical cruising ground for a ten-day trip.  Or finally, what about Belize? 

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