The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Purchasing a Used Catamaran and How to Avoid Them

Published on 30 october 2014 at 10h41

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Mistake #1: Searching for the largest, Cheapest Catamaran in your Budget
When shopping for a catamaran you should always buy the largest, most inexpensive boat, right? This is the very definition of a bargain, is it not?
Well, maybe not.
People tend to think bigger rather than smaller and feel confident that buying a lot more catamaran for a lot less money is smart.
It is generally wiser to get the smallest and newest catamaran to serve your needs and budget. Consider the fact that big, inexpensive catamarans often need a substantial refit and will always cost more to sustain, maintain, insure, move and slip. The older and cheaper a catamaran, the higher risk of a costly surprise lurking just around the corner, regardless of how professionally the catamaran was surveyed prior to purchase. Costs scale almost logarithmically with larger catamarans.

Mistake#2: Buying a catamaran that Does Not Bring You Real Pleasure.
If you are a sailor and truly enjoy sailing, then buy a catamaran that really sails. As the late Harry Chapin put it, “It’s got to be the goin’ not the getting there that’s good.” Sailing isn’t just about arriving at places; it’s about enjoying the time it takes to get to them. So you must both be proud of your catamaran and “connect with her” when you are sailing.
What brings you the most pleasure, however, should never be forgotten when you decide which catamaran to buy. A great many buyers regret settling for a catamaran that had a lot space and volume, but ...

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