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At the beginning of May, a fourth lifeboat financed by the Marins sans Frontieres association should arrive in Madagascar. The first three boats are already in service in the ports of Mahajunga, Nosy-Be and Toliara.


The association’s mission is in fact to provide assistance to developing countries with populations isolated by the sea. It endeavors to improve, by maritime and fluvial means, their living and health conditions, by facilitating human, economic and technical exchanges.

To date, the Marins sans Frontieres association is or has been present in Mozambique, Thailand, Cambodia, Senegal as well as Madagascar.


As for the lifeboats, they are bought from the SNSM (the French lifeboat service), as part of a partnership. The boats, which have been decomissioned, are overhauled and re-equipped with all the essential equipment. Depending on their size, the cost of purchase and overhaul of the boats lies between 25 and 35,000 euros, while the annual operating and maintenance budget is around 30 to 40,000 euros.

Several thousand life jackets have also been sent, intended for the fishermen and lugger crews.





A few figures

The ‘Marins sans Frontieres’ association is:

23,000 medical consultations per year

164 people rescued at sea

26 boats made available

and 23 villages assisted.

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